How to Get Chinese Stealth Armor in Fallout 76

The Chinese Stealth Armor is a very powerful piece of equipment in Fallout 76, offering superior protection and stealth. If you need more resources in the game, consider buying caps fallout 76. here are the detailed steps to get this armor:

Fallout 76 Wastelanders - Chinese Stealth Armor - Complete Guide

Complete the Overseer’s Main Quest

First, you need to complete the Overseer’s Main Quest. This is the prerequisite to start the Wastelanders Main Quest.

Start the Wastelanders main quest and choose the Settlers camp

After completing the Overseer’s main quest, start the Wastelanders main quest. During the quest, you will need to choose to side with the Settlers, who are located in Foundation. if you need more resources to speed up the process, consider stable crimson flux to enhance your gaming experience.

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Proceed to the Settlers questline

Continue on the Settlers questline until you reach the quest “Invisible Ties”. This is the second main quest in the Settlers questline.

Complete the Invisible Ties quest

After completing the Invisible Ties mission, you will receive the drawings for the Chinese Invisible Armor and Chinese Invisible Helmet.

Crafting the armor and helmet

Once you have the drawings, read them and craft the Chinese Stealth Armor and Helmet on the Armor Workbench.

Important note

It is important to note that you should obtain the armor before choosing your final camp. If you choose to align with the Raiders camp, you may not be able to get the armor for free. If you miss the opportunity to obtain it through quests, you can still purchase the drawing for 4,000 gold ingots, but this will be more expensive.

Advantages of Chinese Stealth Armor

The Chinese Stealth Armor offers excellent protection, including 140 points of ballistic and energy resistance, 1,000 points of radiation resistance, and a permanent invisibility field while crouching. However, it should be noted that the armor cannot be used with other armor components or internal wear, which may limit its utility in certain builds.