FIFA 20 Body Feint Tips For Beginners

Following on the from the ball roll, U4GM has the body feint. Now, on its own when running with the ball, this skill move isn’t great. However, when you combine this move with the use of the left stick, the results can still be brilliant, and you need to know how to do it. Now, it must be mentioned that this skill move, at the time of writing has been downgraded and isn’t AS effective as it once was. However, with the more agile players, it still can be. It is also useful when your player is facing up a defender, particularly in the side areas when trying to create space to cross. U4GM FIFA 20 COINS mentioned this 2* skill move being a tool you need in your attacking arsenal. Firstly, see how to do the body feint below and the third instruction allows you to exit from the body feint in the opposite direction and with some pace, too. This allows you to easily beat men, particularly with players who have great agility and balance such as Ribery, Robben, Reus, Aguero, Dembele, Neymar, and many, many more.

Right stick movement
Body feint, right – flick
Body feint left – flick
Body feint, right, exit with the ball to the left – flick then at the same time hold LEFT stick and the RIGHT stick
Body feint left, exit with the ball to the right – flick then at the same time hold LEFT stick and the RIGHT stick
can be performed by just holding the left stick but we find it works better with the left & right.

Most effective areas of the field to use and button order (for body feint with exit)

Remember that you need to be moving in the direction shown in the diagram for the button explanations above to work