Wildstar has a large number of the core content of WoW

Wildstar is developed by American carbine studio, Korean ncsoft company operating style of 3 d cartoon style investment MMORPG online games. CARBINE studio developed by involved in diablo, starcraft series of blizzard employees and some development before “the endless task” series, “hammer OL” as the industry elite. On May 31, the game will be in operation, through the small make up today’s before the us experience, to introduce the game some of the basic gameplay features.


This will be released after operation on May 31, this beautiful clothing experience experience is designed to help players to quickly understand the core of the “wild planet” characteristics.

The game development to now, after six years of time to invest more than $100 million, the game main selling point is: American science fiction style picture, lock-free battle, in the history of the most powerful home system, 40 people raid copy of restoring ancient ways, and diverse from team to team size of PVP content. Under the seemingly WOW appearance, but it is different, with a large number of the core content of original.

– Source from: http://www.wildstar-platinum.com/news/game-WildStar-1614/Wildstar-has-a-large-number-of-the-core-content-of-WoW-12158