Final Fantasy XIV: EU PSN version does not work

European PSN users report that they can not access the Final Fantasy XIV: buy the game via the PlayStation Store after the rebirth of the realm.

Digital copy of the game between £ 28.49 £ 39.99, current price standard and Collector’s Edition.

However, many users download and install the game, has been unable to log in, even if binding their own PSN account and Square Enix company, met with the following message:

No valid service account can play Final Fantasy XIV: rebirth of a state.
In order to play Final Fantasy XIV: a realm rebirth, you must first purchase the digital download PlayStation Store or registered product code.
Please restart the client Final Fantasy XIV: a realm rebirth

Grouping these chronic problem afflicted their complaints official PlayStation forums. Here, they explain the game to appear on their download / purchase history, but their service is the square of the game does not recognize the license.

, It seems, the only way is to go out and buy a hard copy of the game.

Square Enix seems to have responded (# 497) by some members to inform them of the problems currently being studied.

Whether those affected will receive any form of compensation is unknown, whether it is for a full refund, or even expand their membership.

This is not because the game’s launch of the first question to ask. Even in pre-release event XIV, many people can not login because the server is full. Now, a few days after the release, it still seems to be. Publishers even been forced to stop selling, in order to solve this problem.

Fortunately, when we are busy working on our upcoming review, we have not encountered such a problem. Our use of the EU is a PSN code, work smoothly.

Square Enix hopes the company will be able to modify this unfortunate anomaly sooner rather than later

Plays Final Fantasy MMO novice XIV: a realm rebirth

Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm has been open to the public for three days, so at this stage will be a comprehensive review of a little premature . Instead, we will follow a slash MMORPG Final Fantasy fanboy novice, as he learns the ropes , and to explore the wide, wide world Eorzea .

The franchise has been disappointing , my generation into Final Fantasy XIV medium high hopes. It may be unwise – After all the recent series of mistakes, Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix singled out “significantly damaged ” brands. The company publicly announced its crappiness and vowed to fix it. Realm of rebirth , restoration, thorough overhaul of products .

I figure two things they would not dare . In addition, my favorite Final Fantasy , lackluster plot aside, is the twelfth , which is as close to the offline MMO , you can get . So, while my previous MMO experience is limited to one week trial of World of Warcraft , I have a sense of what to expect .

Final Fantasy XIV characters

When you first log on to the reborn state, the system will prompt you to create your character. It is one more tool that allows you to dramatically modify the appearance of your player , so I was able to create a teammate inadvertently digital avatar. You do not just deal with the aesthetics, though, you can also choose your character ‘s birthday ( do not ask why ) , and asterisk ( again, no clue ) , but the most important is their class . Players will be prompted to choose between war and magic disciples disciples. The former ( Gladiator , boxer , predators , cavalry , archers ) specializes in weapons combat , and the latter in the Magic ( Conjurer , odd , Arcane division ) . Do not feel locked in the first minute you make a decision , but once you reach 10 , you can equip different weapons , and effectively change your class .

Finalized, my character, a brief cut-scenes drama . My hero still stands , and a hooded man said floating , fuzzy , most incomprehensible thing ( Final Fantasy staple food ) , and then suddenly , I was on my way to a bustling city Chocobo carts . Within minutes, I was within the walls . I joined a guild, I accept the task reckless abandon – Other Final Fantasys compared to the time between the start of the game , the game really starts is refreshingly short . Does not exceed the amount of initial tasks “Access this person ‘or’ touch this crystal ” or ” kill four ladybugs ,” but I’m actually doing something , all the learning of the game mechanics ( gradually relay information to help players through pop-up window ) .

Final Fantasy XIV 2

I spent a few hours of gameplay , accepting quests , upgrade my character, explore the open world – it’s fun , but has been offline and online game Final Fantasy differences between the more obvious. The biggest one ? Although I focused on the completion of quests , the main task of the narrative does not seem any kind of narrative moves forward ( unless you count the pretzels guards narrative ) . Perhaps there is more to come , maybe I’m just my MMO n00bishness exposure , which is what I should expect ……

What is really striking is the feeling of the game how the West , in mechanics , but its aesthetic aspects . Eorzea world and the characters seem to live for Western gamers. Bizarre aspects of Final Fantasy muted. It will be interesting to see how it all played out.

Play Final Fantasy XIV is the best way to turn off the sound

This is correct. Sound volume down. Ambient noise is muted. Silent screen, click and beeps, just lose yourself in Eorzea itself as the world’s lush and varied as the soundtrack. Here are some of my favorites so far.

Music Director of the Justice Research Institute brings together a dazzling array of talent weave a dreamy musical tapestry that covers the entire game like a warm blanket. Iconic Final Fantasy music has been rejuvenated, original works to join them, if they have been there. This is incredible.

Final Fantasy XIV in music: the realm of rebirth is wonderful, complex and satisfying, I found myself in the past few days, many stopped to listen. Let me play, is a pretty big deal, considering how hard it is to connect the server launch congestion.

At least the menu music is lovely.

Square Enix sales figures for the company to stop trying to deal with the huge demand for

FFXIV: ARR is very popular.

This is the last few days of the server login attempts being rammed by enthusiastic participants in the news nobody. What is news is that, Square Enix company, this is to try to limit the current server is overloaded, has suspended sales of the new digital version of Final Fantasy XIV: rebirth of a state.

More players, at that moment, which means more problems for the SE team and announced on Facebook and official blog announced that it has reached a turning point:

About Final Fantasy XIV “Important Notice: Rebirth of the realm – due to the very positive response to FINAL FANTASY XIV: Rebirth of the realm, we are experiencing a very long wait time, the user can log in and play as a temporary measure, we will stop selling FINAL FANTASY XIV: a realm REBORN digital download products, so that we can accommodate all those who want to play in the coming days, we are working to expand our server capacity.

Cause inconvenience, we sincerely apologize. ”

As mentioned yesterday, 史克威尔艾 Knicks are preparing to increase the capacity of its data centers, early next week, players will be expected to ease tension and congestion, and allow the sales figures start again.

I hope the fans and the long-term health of the game from Square Enix’s move will allow current players to bring short-term inconvenience discomfort.

Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm is Square Enix will release this year’s most important game .

This is saying something , especially considering the “Tomb Raider” was launched earlier this year .

When Final Fantasy XIV out the first time in 2010 , it is very simple, a mess. Bad, often ugly , mostly can not play , it feels half finished. Final Fantasy game crashed lowest score ever received .

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada said that in 2011 the press conference, the game Final Fantasy brand damage . He was right , because the consequences of the failure of the game can be said that led him to leave the Square Enix company earlier this year.

Final Fantasy XIV looks like a lost cause , but Square Enix has poured millions of dollars to build the five-year development cycle. Square need it a success, so it fell into the millions of dollars , basically , reworking of the game from the ground up .

Initial FFXIV Server taken down near the end of 2012 , the game can remake clean. At the same time , the company strongly settings ( some would say unrealistic ) game companies in other regions to compensate for slack money is poured into FFXIV high expectations. Remake needed to succeed .

Here we are – nearly three years after the game first launched , nearly a year after it was first closed – find rebirth of the realm. Since then, the online game market has gone soft , ( Curt Shilling killed in the process left behind ) , in addition to World of Warcraft , almost completely moved to a free play mode.

This raises a question : FFXIV, will be able to survive and retain their expensive monthly fees ?

Can be said that this game is in the affirmative, one better than the one in 2010 out of the game one thing . It looks amazing , I’ve seen polished MMO, although a little busy HUD . Released on the PS3 , it is undoubtedly the only modern console MMO DC Universe Online outside ( and neighbors indestructible FFXI).

Yes, it plays much like World of Warcraft . Yes, you do a lot of killing four , and then pick one of three of these types of tasks. Yes, it really drops in the deep end ( especially console players who do not know what to expect ) .

But what is surprising is that it is all of those things with style and flexibility

PwnagraphicTV: Final Fantasy XIV – MMORPG Livestream

Pwnagraphic of RealGamerNewz writes, “PwnagraphicTV and RealGamerNewz presents the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG Livestream as the game???s NDA has finally been lifted and the game officially releases tomorrow. I???ve been playing in the Beta for a very long time and will be doing an overclocked GPU Livestream Marathon of it for 24 hours on Saturday at 8AM (Texas time baby!). You can catch me playing with my LinkShell and all of my gear that I???ve unlocked, so this is not some noob just messing around, I know what I???m doing here. Enjoy the embedded stream below which will run from right now until about 1-2AM (TX time) unless I decide to go all night and live with the hangover tomorrow. Enjoy and look forward to the next one.”

FFXIV Realm Reborn Footage Won’t be Monetisable by Youtubers

Youtubers won’t be able to monetise gameplay of FFIX A Realm Reborn, publisher Square Enix revealed today in a material usage license.

The document states that “You may not monetize your video via the YouTube partner program or any similar programs on other video sharing sites.”
This is a similar move to that made by Nintendo earlier this year, and it’s one that takes much of the incentive out of making Let’s Plays or walkthroughs of the games in question.

The document also states that “You may not combine or synchronize the Materials with third party content (e.g., a mash-up), but you may include the Materials alongside third party content (e.g., before or after in the same video) as long as you also have permission from the original copyright owner).”

This rules out use of FFIX gameplay footage in clip videos on Youtube. Many content creators simply don’t seek legal permission before hacking together videos from dozen games and TV shows, and if FFIX limits them in this regard, most content creators will likely ignore the game in favour of ones that are legally more friendly.

Final Fantasy XIV: Welcome to Eorzea

There have been a few hiccups along the way, but hundreds of thousands of Final Fantasy XIV players will be scampering around Eorzea as the relaunch of Square Enix’s MMO arrives today.

Many will be logging in—or remaining logged in from Early Access—to revel in the wide expanses of a lush new world. It’s always exciting to jump into an MMO on day one to see just what’s on offer, but just what does FFXIV bring to the table?

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the problem that many fledgling MMOs have is a lack of community. Just from the response to our new sites XIVwiki and XIVDB, it’s obvious there is a passionate community already encamped. It’s unlikely you will be hitting empty servers when you log-in.

Though we will be producing a proper in-depth review from the illustrious Ragar in the next week—once he has enough play time under his belt—my first impressions of FFXIV are of an old school, gorgeous MMO with a large world and an abundance of content, all with a very particular Final Fantasy flavor. Though FFXIV has a very crisp and modern engine, there’s a very nostalgic feel to the gameplay and world that I find very endearing.

Hopefully, the server issues that have dogged the game in recent days have alleviated enough to make everyone’s experience enjoyable.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Early Access And Launch

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a subscription MMORPG built on the ashes of original FFXIV.  This so-called “rebirth” has a completely new vision for the title, with a focus on the traditional MMORPG that many modern games have moved away from in order to facilitate action-based combat or extreme accessibility.  FFXIV:ARR offers high accessibility but retains many of the challenges and nuances of more traditional MMO fare blended with one of Square Enix’s strongest IPs.  What we have as of launch is a little bit of the old, a little bit of the new, and some serious server issues for North American and European players.

Early access, or the period over the last weekend rolling into launch today, has been a mess.  There’s no way to sugar coat it, servers were up and down constantly and even when they were up there was no guarantee of gameplay. Servers go into lockdown mode without offering queues and leave players to set up automated systems to attempt continual logins hoping that they beat the ubiquitous 1017 error.  New players seeking to join up with friends are out of luck – Some of the more popular worlds have entered an emergency state of complete character lockout, meaning no new characters can be created.

These issues rolling into today’s launch can be viewed with multiple lenses.  One of these lenses has a rose-colored tint and comes with standard MMORPG and online game releases, and manifests itself along the lines of “It’s launch, you should know there will be issues.  Look at <insert any major MMPORPG launch, Diablo 3, etc>.  This is an inevitable part of a big launch; it’s just going to happen.  It will get fixed.”  These statements are mostly true – Many MMORPG launches are not smooth endeavors, and it’s likely that these issues will be solved.

The other lens isn’t so bright.  This is the second dance at the ball for one of Square Enix’s major titles, and with some of the once grandiose glamour fading from what was once one of the most lauded RPG franchises in history, continual server launch problems and players not being able to connect may not be something the title can afford.  MMORPGs are notoriously expensive to create, and rebuilding the failed FFXIV is a must-win situation for Square Enix.

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