I will show you something about the Final Fantasy XIV Gil game

A Realm Reborn’s alpha testing cycle began on October 29, 2012. After a promotionally priced two-day “Early Access” period, the game went live via all normal retail channels. The relaunch has carried over the original game’s setting, lore and intended story, but incorporate a new client, graphics engine, server and data structures, a revamped interface, redesigned maps, more gameplay variations and additional story content. Next, I will show you something about the  Final Fantasy XIV Gil  game.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil
Final Fantasy XIV Gil

FF14 Gil is the fourteenth game in the Final Fantasy series and the second after Final Fantasy XI to be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game was developed and published by Square Enix, and is available in four languages; Japanese, English, French, and German. The game released online first from September 30, 2010 to November 11, 2012. It received widespread negative reception when it was first launched. The gameplayers can acquire their own Final Fantasy XIV Gil in the game. In response to the heavy criticism of the game’s quality, Square Enix redesigned both the development team and the game. The original version of the game was ceremoniously concluded with a virtual extinction event. Final Fantasy XIV Giappeared just before the Seventh Umbral Era. Players create and customize avatars who participate in the affairs surrounding the impending invasion by the Garlean Empire and its relationship to Dalamud’s descent. The various nation states of Eorzea reestablish their Grand Companies and form an alliance to prepare for the coming war with the Empire.

Not sure which quests are really worth completing in Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Learn new, smart techniques to hit the level cap with the class and job of your choice
within a week. Watch as your equipment and Final Fantasy XIV Gil worries fade away
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Final Fantasy XIV Gil
Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Advice for step-by -step leveling
Are you falling more and more behind your friends on the leveling curve? Not sure how
you can catch up to them without losing a week’s worth of sleep? We got that covered. If
you’re sick and tired of lagging behind, check out the exclusive strategies featured in
this Final Fantasy XIV Gil Leveling Guide. We introduce ingenious methods that boost
you to the level cap in 7 days or less. This resource pool of leveling know-how guides
you to the easiest locations, the most rewarding quests and helps you cut down on your
leveling time in ways few people would have considered possible.
Extensive quest walkthroughs
Not sure which quests are really worth completing? Wasting time running back and forth
or missing out on great quests entirely? Consider switching from a trial-and-error
approach to questing to a ready-made, optimized questing path that’s laid out in easy to
follow steps by our NA Cactuar gil experts. In addition to providing a clear-cut
walkthrough, we give you valuable tips on how to complete them quicker and get the pick
of the crop when it comes to quest rewards. It’s that simple. In no time, you’ll be
breezing through Eorzea and its adventures to discover secrets and hidden gems in the
game! Think you’re ready for end-game content as well? It’s closer than you think.
Mastery of classes and jobs
Choosing the right classes and jobs for your character is not only crucial to soloing
and grouping alike, but also a science of its own if you want to get it right. This FF14 
Gil guide takes out the uncertainty when it comes to picking and mastering classes and
jobs. Whether you want to be a Scholar, Alchemist, White Mage, Black Mage or Gladiator:
You now have a quick reference to making the right choices. In addition to going over
specific affinities, you also get familiarized with skill rotations, ideal stat
distributions and equipment advice that turns you from class-newbie into someone who
really knows their way around.

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The second “Final Fantasy XIV Gil” game

This is only the second “Final Fantasy XIV Gil” game that you can play with others, and the only one available exclusively for PC. A successful party of adventurers should have someone to damage the monsters, or “DPS,” someone to heal the party and someone to maintain the attention of the monsters, known as the “tank.” Tanking in FFXIV is a loftier prospect than in most massively multi-player online games.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil
The first.Start as the marauder class and take it to rank six. This will get you the ability “bloodbath,” which gives your health back with your attack.
The second.Switch to lancer for four ranks. You will gain the ability “ferocity.” This will raise the damage of your next attack and, when used in conjunction with “bloodbath,” will net you more health.


The third.Rank up in the gladiator class indefinitely. It will give you all the crucial skills needed for defense and holding the anger of the monsters.The fourth.Watch each battle actively. Use the abilities given by your three classes to provoke and maintain the anger of the creatures.This will free up your less hardy friends to damage the monster, or even to heal you. If you can keep everyone happy in a party, they will all keep you happy.


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The Dungeons series in final fantasy xiv

The Dungeons in:ARR play a major role in the game .Not only are they tied into the story ,but players will want to visite them for additionak items and experience.There are many dungeons in the game ,and even different Final Fantasy XIV Gil versions of the same one.

FF14 Gil

Final Fantasy XIV Gil



Sastasha is the first dungeon players will run through .It is pretty linear and simple, but offer plenty of challenge for first time explorers.Sastasha is a level 15 dungeon , and it found in the La Noscea are,which means you will largely face pirates and Sastasha.

2.The Tam-Tara Deepcrft
The second dungeon players will run through is The -Tam-Tara Deepcrft. it is a level 16 dungeon found in the black shroud area and it is filled with a variety pf undead monsters.

3.Copperbell Mineds
Copperbell Mines is the third dungeon required for players to complete. It is a level 17-20 dungeon located in Western Thanalan and requires players to face Coblyns and Spriggans.

Halatali is a level 20-22 dungeon located in Eastern Thanalan. It’s associated with The Immortal Flames Grand Company and is based on a gladiatorial theme

5.The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak is a level 24-27 dungeon located in the South Shroud that is required for all players to complete as part of their story quest. It is a timed dungeon with many complex bosses.

6.Haukke Manor
Haukke Manor is a level 28-31 dungeon located in Central Shroud that’s meant to act as a bridge from early tier dungeons to more difficult content. There are all sorts of undead in the spooky mansion, and bosses that will test everything you’ve learned so far.

7.Brayflox Longstop
Brayflox Longstop is a level 32-34 dungeon located in Eastern La Noscea and is required to complete as part of the main story quest. It’s filled with more treasure than any other dungeon.

8.The Sunken Temple of Qarn
The Sunken Temple of Qarn is a level 35-37 dungeon located in Southern Thanalan. It’s a lost ruin filled with traps and is designed in a way that forces your party to navigate through its obstacles in new and exciting ways.

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Final Fantasy XIV Gil’s Farming Gil can do what things

For Final Fantasy XIV Gil  purposes it is advised to take at least one gathering class and either alchemy or culinary. As all of the products of these professions are and will be greatly sought after by other players. Also, pay very close attention to quest rewards, if you’re already relatively well geared, take the monetary bonus instead of the gear, as low level gear is replaced rather quickly anyways. It is wise to try to not have to sell items to a vendor, as they really don’t help your coin purse any. You’ll find that you feel more inclined to purchase items than to sell any. And any crafting items that drop from monsters during your travels should make their way onto the Trading Post Boards, at a competitive rate, or 300% of their “retail value”. This will gross much Gil, specially in the early age of the game, as everything is needed by someone!

ffxiv gil
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Gil’s  Farming Gil can be done, efficiently in a few different fashions depending on which play style you prefer. However either way, it’s about making the most Gil in the shortest amount of time. The most effective way to make a lot of Gil is done at level 60, when you have access to the highest class skills and can farm lower level areas, with ease. What we’ve devised is a system to implement farming techniques while leveling and then the serious grind at level 50. Below is a list of ways to grind  FF14 Gil, fast as you level up and then the end-game grind will follow. So if you’re only interested in the end-game grind, feel free to skip right to it.


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your end-game goals

The aforementioned is a great way to farm Gil up to level 30, though it can still be utilized as an additional method of farming there are some other tricks available to you, once you’ve reached level 30+. Firstly, with crafting skills (Blacksmith, Armorer, Carpenter, etc.) you’ll be able to start crafting some seriously useful , some to be turned in as levequest hand ins and others to be sold on the Marketplace. In each Crafting Class list will be a “a” which will signify a fruitful craft. If the Craft is highlighted in gold. Then it is something that will remain popular on the market place! This will assist with choosing which Crafting Classes to level, depending on your end-game goals!


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Released to a number of highly critical reviews in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is Square-Enix’s second MMORPG. The game takes place in the realm of Eorzea. Eorzea currently contains three city states; the prosperous and active trade city of Ul’dah, the forest nation of Gridania and Limsa Lominsa, a marine-like city. Each player will choose one of these locations to begin the game, and is required to join one of their Grand Companies to continue to move the storyline along. These Grand Companies are military units.

Released to a number of highly critical reviews in 2010, Square-Enix vowed to make large-scale corrections to the game that would drastically change the playing style and opinions of current players. These actions included doing away with the game’s controversial “Fatigue System,” graphical changes, and a number of new places, mounts, and non-playable-characters. After these changes were in place, Square-Enix decided to go one step further, lead to the closing of the original Final Fantasy XIV on November 11, 2012, with a planned re-release of the game on August 27, 2013. Gameplay mechanics, graphics and much more have been changed as a direct result of consumer feedback through Square-Enix’s forums.you may attempt for a high quality item each time.


Help you get well equipped in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV players always think about a problem which is how to collect as much as game gold in game in short time. Some of players can farm gil by themselves, since their characters are well equipped. But some of players can just buy Cheap FFXIV Gil from websites.
Mining Strategies: Want to make the most out of your mining efforts? Then you should definitely make use of the unique mining strategies featured in this FFXIV Gil reference to get you going strong when it comes to making heaps of Gil from each mining run. The manual shares with readers the best mining spots are, what ores can be found and what they’re worth. Start making loads of Gil from mining at the spots that yield the most returns!
Crafting Tips and Tricks: There’s more to making Gil from the traditional farming and grinding. Find out how to make money from crafting items. Look through a comprehensive list of items table what items are worth crafting or what the necessary materials are and where exactly to get them.

Gil and the Discipline of the Hand: If making heaps of Gil is practically your number 1 objective in playing Final Fantasy XIV, then you should learn everything there is to know about the Discipline of the Hand. The Discipline of the Hand is literally the Gil makers of FFXIV. Whether you choose to play an Alchemist, a Blacksmith or a Weaver, find out what each class has to offer and the best method to make Gil with each of them.
Making Gil from Farming and Raiding: Like every other MMORPG, there are more than one best way to make money. Depending on your experience, level, class and play-style, one way to make money may prove to be much more effective than another. Find out what the experts have to say and their recommendations when it comes to making Gil from farming, raiding, selling items and much more in this Final Fantasy XIV Gil manual.
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