Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Crawl Dungeon Guide

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FFXIV has released it marriage systems for a long time. Currently, there are new things coming to Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward which is theme Song Dragonsong, new Dungeon Crawl and Job actions. Now buy cheap FFXIV gil to experience fun in new Dungeon Crawl of Final Fantasy XIV.

As for the theme song Dragonsong, here is no specific explaining in it, you can enjoy it when you begin the game in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward. Here is mainly talking about new Dungeon Crawl of Final Fantasy XIV and job actions. You can enjoy new Dungeon Crawl of Final Fantasy XIV and job actions after Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward expansion will release on June 23rd, 2015. As for the job actions, you could find the following classes joining: Pladin, Warrior (also called Krieger), Monk, Barde, summoner, Blcak mage Mage noir, Ninja, Scholar, White Mage, Machinist, Astrologian, Dark Knight and Dragoon. How about new Dungeon Crawl of Final Fantasy XIV? In the game, you could find many beautiful views or buildings. To know more, you can buy FFXIV gil to prepare for the new dungeons.

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Now you can farm FFXIV gil to wait for the coming of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward. In the game, you will enjoy theme Song Dragonsong, have a fun in new Dungeon Crawl and experience Job actions.

Tips to Use Flying Mount in FFXIV Heavensward

Black Chocobos is the beginner flying mounts that had been added in Patch 3.0 of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. Before we released this edition, we have never experienced the flying amount. A flying chocobo could be a single person “Airship”for each FFXIV gamer. As soon as the flying mount system used in game, that will not takes a small numbers of FFXIV Gil.




How to gain a mount must be such an important part in game. So the first flying mount now is beginning with the Black Chocobos. According to the official site, The Final Fantasy XIV flying mounts will be able to free-roam expansion areas that have specially been designed with large amount of floating landmasses to adventure.

What we can learn from the flying mount is that it can fly over the whole map of the new area in Patch 3.0. Nevertheless, it cannot be used in the game maps now.

Here are some tips for you when you use the flying mount.
1. There is no restriction on the time of which the amount takes fly.
2. The Rewards will be given so that players are able to fly over the whole area right away.
3. When players reach the level cap it will be such a rewarding.
4. There will be adjustment made to mount varity. The basic are done but they are tweaking the gimicks and types.
5. There will be no air battles other than for story/cutscenes.
6. Players will not be able to fight field mobs in the air and so on.
7. Adventurers are be able to go to the Dragon World Dravania.

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