Final Fantasy XIV Detail Guide for Gardener

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Gardener as a production profession, is a very need patience in order to cultivate the profession, in the process of grade 1 to 34, PO cut thousands of trees or bushes, also went through a process from exploration to adept and even numb. In order to be a gardener, need to do the following preparation,

First, to sen (Gerry dani) gardeners association to become a gardener, second, in the sen (Gerry dani) market to buy all equipment (grade 1 ~ 20) all production department, third, best to join an open experience force (guild), force effects can provide 10% extra experience. As a gardener, you need to stack the attributes are: get force, distinguish force, gathering force, intelligence and dexterity. Their priority is: get force> distinguish force> intelligence> dexterity> gathering force.

Get force: influence the acquisition success rate in the process of acquisition. Distinguish force, affect the quality of access to quality during the process of acquisition probability (no special effects, no merit factor top 15%). Gathering force: professional production of MP (practical production skills acquisition). Intelligence/dexterity: regardless of pasture/yangjae on intelligence and dexterous after reaching a certain value can only be triggered effects.

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Take a break from getting ffxiv gil and getting better EXP

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Doing quests and collecting FFXIV Gil on your FFXIV account can be tiring work for your characters. Why not give them a relaxing break in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Inns. Your characters will be refreshed and develop much faster.

Characters will be able rent rooms once they finish a quest at level 10. Often this will be at an Inn in the City-State they are in. Staying in an Inn, whether online or offline will increase the player’s Rested EXP bonus. This bonus will make characters receive 50% more experience from combat, crafting and harvesting. Note that the bonus doesn’t apply to quests and the like. Finally, you cannot craft FFXIV items while inside the inn. You’ll have to earn your FFXIV Gil outside the place.

Players can log out of the game by right-clicking the bed in an inn. When they next log in, they will receive a bonus item. Characters can also leave items in the Armoire that can be picked up from any Armoire in any inn. Using this feature does not cost FFXIV Gil. This extra storage cannot hold damaged or duplicate items however.

The Armoury Chest Helps Save Your Space and FFXIV Gil

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Experience points aren’t the only logistical problem for multiple classes in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Storing all the different equipment and FFXIV items needed by each class on your FFXIV account can be problematic. This can also cut into the amount of FFXIV Gil you can earn as you won’t have space for items to sell. Thankfully the developers had foresight and made the Armoury Chest.

The Armoury Chest is a mobile storage system for a character’s equipment. It is separate from your normal inventory so you can still carry other items. Being a mobile storage feature, it can be accessed anywhere and without needing to pay FFXIV Gil fees. Simply click the button on the UI or press Ctrl + I. The chest has tabs for each equipment slot and each tab can hold up to 25 items. That’s a lot of equipment!

When a character unlocks their second class they will have access to Gear Sets for the Armoury Chest. This allows players to set up specific equipment load outs for each class. Gear sets can be assigned to the hotbar so characters can quickly change equipment at the push of a button. This is incredibly handy when farming for items and FFXIV Gil.

Cross-Class Skills Help Maximize FFXIV Gil Gain


Have you ever wanted to be a tank but still be able to use powerful bow attacks? Maybe you wanted to be a damage dealing mage that also has good healing spells? Well, in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you can do that and save cheap FFXIV Gil while at it. Check for details below.

Part of the multi-class system of FFXIV: ARR is the ability for characters to share abilities between classes. This adds another degree of customizability and freedom to any FFXIV account. The moment you unlock your second class, you will gain access to this system. You start out with one cross-skill slot and get another every ten levels for the very low price of zero FFXIV Gil.

To balance the system, not all skills can be shared. Only unlocked cross-skills on the source class can be shared. Traits also cannot be shared, and skills that are affected by traits will only share their base version. Finally, Jobs can only use cross-skills from three specific classes related to them. Having these extra skills can help you obtain more FFXIV items and FFXIV Gil. Have fun playing!

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Strategies to Play Well in Final Fantasy XIV

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There is no doubt that all the Final Fantasy XIV players want their own game level is higher and higher in order to farming enough ffxiv gil,for now, I show you several difficult task strategy method.

1. The main task of 14 level, everybody should be here to meet the first difficulty. Mainly is to make all of the game have a basic grasp of the battle, if you just make a basically pass away.Task in two parts, the first part is ou, this part has no difficulty, the second part is the beginning, mainly makes a summoning, then the man in a mask. After the Summoning HP to about one 5 of reinforcements. Then could easily.

Strategy 1 – equipped suppressed, why is the equipment not level? Because this kind of task would limit level, but it will not be affected, equipment with high-grade equipment in with a few antidote what medicine can easily.

Strategy 2 – this depends on the degree of understanding of the game. 10 career after the completion of the task can make, if not, the countries will lease the land a ostards ran the sen, here to change your job illusionists, illusionists level 2 can be learned response prevention, physical damage in a lower grade 8 can be acquisition of magic (the duration is 30 minutes, with future missions strategy is also very helpful), with this magic the task is little difficult, antidote, of course, let’s take one or two.

2. The vocational level 15 task, because we play the spell so only speak this said. The task need to let everybody understand the class and related skills to use, the correct use of words is no difficulty.

Strategy: the first step is the purpose of this task to the designated location specified items, therefore have extra needless fight. In front of the enemy is archer 4 people, two people can kill one by one. Note if the enemy to their increased after the attacks and crit BUFF use magic to let him sleep sleep, and then give yourself with blood. Behind both archers use magic sleep sleep, ran to get things directly. And then began to fight in the second stage. The second stage fight to avoid yourself alone in the face of the enemy. Beginning the lucky E gave he went to sleep, put NPCS that his aborted. Then there would be no difficulty, less blood NPCS will help you.

3. The main task level 20, inflammation yves god. Is this a copy for 4 people team, the difficulty is not high, the key is to look at the coordination and operation.

Strategy: the first is a team. Can rent to others, also can let other people set themselves. Because team only has four people, so suggest team members, 1 t and 2 DPS, 1 reply. One phase is very good, playing without difficulty. BOSS HP50 % the following begin to enter the second stage, the BOSS will look in the eyes of the first call to a pact, this must give priority to abort, if the time limit not abort, BOSS hell fire will seconds off all, wipe directly. Should still have after abortion, hell fire around a quarter of the blood, the milk will give T reply, other three drugs monthly bleeding. This process must be fast, because the BOSS is range skill set on to the next. Range skill damage is very high, largely in the dying, also prompt good attack the ground attack range, must Sun Su escape, do not increase the nurse pressure (props h. CD for a long time, about 1 minute or so = =), otherwise it is easy to wipe. To avoid attack several times after the BOSS and will continue to recruit.

4. Finally, ostards task, the task is to get its own exclusive ostards task, don’t miss oh.

Strategy: this task is very simple, yves in later, will let you choose to join an alliance, to join the union later will appear next to a line, let you give a ostards, ostards vouchers need to use for a vote of 1000 army, there are two main ways get way of the ticket, is a kind of scheduling tasks (like that name). The get the ticket is less, the second is to FATE, this can get a the army of more than 200 votes, will soon be able to raise 1000.Then say FATE system. FATE is the random events on the map, generally have submitted items, mixed weapon in qing dynasty, the BOSS this several. Participate in time can get a good reward, including experience value, game currency and the ticket. In FATE must pay attention to the FATE level don’t and your level of plus or minus above magnitude 5, otherwise there is no reward. Location of FATE, type, rating has prompt information map.

Finally, career. Professional is divided into combat career and life two minutes each contain more than one job. Combat professional include: sword warlock, bow warlock, dragon knight, career life includes: the alchemist, tailor, gardener, etc. Combat career just as its name implies is fighting related profession, a strange upgrade, dozen copies on the career. Life career mainly production, mining career, can be advanced production equipment, advanced props, can let you don’t have to have fun and professional equipment. These are your initial career after 10 levels, the corresponding professional task finish can be turned.