Helldivers 2 Armor Type Analysis: The secret to one-hit wins

In the combat world of Helldivers 2, understanding and mastering the enemy’s armor type is the key to victory. Let’s collect the Helldivers 2 Medal . There are three main armor types in the game: light armor, medium armor, and heavy armor. So what are the characteristics of these armors? Here is a detailed introduction.

Light armor: agile but poor defense

Lightly armored enemies are the most common type of enemy in the game. They are characterized by fast movement but weak defense. This type of enemy usually appears on agile enemies, and players can easily penetrate their defenses with standard weapons. When facing lightly armored enemies, players can use fast and accurate shooting methods to quickly defeat them by taking advantage of their weak defenses.

Strategy Suggestions:

  • Use light weapons, such as automatic rifles or pistols, which are sufficient to inflict lethal damage on lightly armored enemies.
  • Take advantage of the enemy’s high movement speed and predict their movement path to attack.

Medium Armor: The Balance Between the Two

Medium armor enemies have better protection than light armor enemies, but they are still vulnerable to powerful weapons. This type of enemy usually requires players to aim at their specific weak points, such as the head or waist, in order to inflict effective damage. Although the medium armor enemy has strong defensive capabilities, their weaknesses are usually more obvious. Players simply need to master accurate shooting skills to easily deal with them.

Strategy Suggestions:

  • Use medium-power weapons such as assault rifles or shotguns to focus on their weaknesses.
  • Understand the enemy’s movement patterns and use cover to make tactical attacks to increase the chance of hitting weaknesses.

Heavy Armor: Super Defensive, Poor Agility

Heavy armor enemies are the most challenging enemy type in the game. They have extremely high durability and usually require high explosive weapons or continuous attacks on their weaknesses to break through. For example, Titan enemies usually have an obvious chest weakness. Players must focus their firepower on this area to effectively weaken their defenses.

Strategy Suggestions:

  • Use high-explosive weapons such as rocket launchers or heavy machine guns to focus firepower on heavy armor enemies.
  • Find the enemy’s weak points, such as their chest or back, and deliver precise strikes.
  • Cooperate with teammates to fight together with a clear division of labor and concentrated firepower to break through enemy defenses.

Special armor types: unique combat challenges

In addition to the three basic armor types mentioned above, special armor types can be created in the game for different tasks and levels. These special armors may have unique characteristics and weaknesses that require players to make special tactical adjustments. For example, some enemies may have the ability to bounce bullets or release poisonous gas when attacked. At this point, players must be flexible and use the battlefield environment and teamwork to defeat the enemy.

Strategy Suggestions:

  • Carefully observe the enemy’s behavior and characteristics and adjust tactics quickly.
  • Use various equipment and props in the game, such as mines, grenades, etc., to assist in breaking through special armor.


In Helldivers 2, understanding the characteristics and weaknesses of different types of armor is crucial to combat in the game. Players must choose appropriate weapons and tactics based on the enemy’s armor type. For lightly armored enemies, the use of basic weapons may be sufficient; for medium and heavy armored enemies, you may need to use more advanced weapons or use the environment to defeat them. Players will also need to master accurate marksmanship to effectively target enemy weaknesses in complex combat situations.

Through constant practice and exploration, players will be able to master the strategies of different armor types, improve their combat skills, and become the top fighter in Helldivers 2. Join the battle now and experience this challenging and fun game!