FFXIV Patch 2.45 Wedding Ceremony Apply Guide

ffxiv wedding

Great news to all ffxiv fans! FFXIV:ARR players can hold wedding ceremony in Final Fantasy XIV: Mog Station. Your character is able to marry others in the 2.45 patch of A Realm Reborn. Read the guide about how to apply wedding ceremony for your character.

First of all, you and your partner have to complete the special quest “The Ties that Bind”, in order to obtain a promiste wristlet. You kill monsters and boss together in the quest and gain the special rewards which is necessary items during the wedding ceremony. The rewards include beautiful attire, new hairstyle and eternity rings.

After you and your partner finish the common adventure, both of you can start to apply a wedding ceremony through the Final Fantasy XIV: Mog Station. Use the promiste wristlet you gain for application at FINALFANTASYXIV.COM and select which plant you will get. There are three plants for the ceremony for you; they Gold Plan, Platinum Plan and Standard Plan. Different plants bring you different garments, decorations, venue and so on.

ffxiv wedding


Tricks for Clarify you on Buying Packs for FIFA 15


Before you decide to buy packs for FIFA 15, you should ask yourself if you should do it or not. This is probably the most common question about FUT 15. And we are here to clarify you.

Should we buy packs or not ?
When you make a purchase, you are giving something to get another thing in exchange. If you bought it, it is because in your opinion the thing you are giving is less important than the one you are purchasing. The problem in Ultimate Team is that you do not know what is inside the pack you are buying. There is no way to know if the exchange will be profitable to you. You have expectations in relation to the purchase but you do not know if they will be met.

It is possible to pay packs with FIFA 15 coins or with FIFA Points. In the first scenario, your expectation is to pull cards whose market value exceeds the price of the packs. In other words, you want to make profit. This rarely happens. That’s why buying packs with coins is an awful idea.

When you buy packs with FIFA Points, the chances of getting good cards are exactly the same, but instead of investing your coins, you are using real money. It’s like you were buying FIFA coins but you don’t know how much you will have to pay for them. In these cases, only you can say if it is worth to buy packs or not, depending of how much real money you are willing to spend.

Is there any study about this subject ?
It isn’t easy to make a reliable study about this subject because it only works with a huge sample. Imagine, for example, that you open packs worth 3 million coins. If you open an extra pack and pull a Ronaldo IF card, your conclusions will be completely distorted. It is not possible for a single person to open enough packs to conclude if it is worth to buy packs or not. We did it but we combined our results with the community experience to conclude that, in a general way, you get back 60% of what you have paid by the packs. The other 40% are EA’s profit, ie, your loss. The same happens in the famous bookmakers sports scores where part of what you bet reverts automatically to the house, regardless of the result. Usually, they keep with something between 10 and 15%, but EA is not satisfied with less than 40%.

Obviously, when you decide to buy a pack you do it because you are dreaming with pulling a few amazing cards. You don’t do it because of profit. There is always a hope. However, if you make a study like we did you will realize that your chances of getting good cards are low. Since you can buy cards directly in the market, the importance to this study is to know how much the packs are worth. That’s the only way to compare with your investment.

The Best Ways To Level Up in Final Fantasy XIV


Are you trying to level up as quick as possible in Final Fantasy 14? Here’s a Final Fantasy 14 leveling guide to give you a few tips on how you can level up faster in this new game. Let’s get started and jump right into it, I hope it helps!

Knock Out One City At A Time
A very, very common mistake that people make is they accept quests from multiple areas and try do to them all at the same time. This is bad for a multitude of reasons, but primarily you will be wasting time traveling while you could have just been focusing no the near quests first. By focusing on quests in one place vs. a number of places, you will be able to focus and drill down into the current group of quests. After you’ve completed one quest “hub,” you can move on to the next. You will barely be traveling and your experience per hour will skyrocket.

Skip Bad Quests to Speed Yourself Up
When you’re trying to power level, one thing you should avoid is the bad quests which really draw out your time and can be quite frustrating. To avoid them you can probably get a detailed list from a guide that leads you through the leveling process. Otherwise, you can just see what they require – do they require you to run around for a long period of time collecting rare items? Or travel to another continent? These are the kinds of things that really stick out as quests which will be big time wasters.

Find A Good Spot to Quest
This is really the first thing you should do – seek out a really good spot for questing. Of course early on you’re going to be in one of the beginner cities, which is great, but you can definitely find inner quest hubs that are really good for leveling. Quests near a lot of packs of mobs is really good because usually the quests around a pack of mobs has something to do with them, and you can knock it out quickly. Also, try to avoid being around a ton of other people as you’ll be slowed down by having to wait for respawns and/or rare items to re-appear.

How to play the market to make ffxiv gil


The market is the best way to make ffxiv gil in Final Fantasy XIV Online, if you don’t mind taking some risks. I have lost thousands of gil, only to make it back tenfold just a few hours later. Here are some tips on how to play the market:

Check the history of items before investing. Just because the item is listed for 10,000 gil doesn’t mean it sells for that. Check the history, you could be surprised.

Check the current tax rate. Tax can affect a lot, so check the tax rate and sell items in the appropriate city to keep your profits to a maximum.

Materia is the best way to start. I started out my market dealing career with materia. It’s easy to search and offers low risk investments. You won’t be pulling a lot of gil in at first, but it’s a great way to start.

Buy large stacks of items, and break them up into more expensive smaller stacks. Some crafters just need a small amount of something for an item they are making. But gathers will sell large stacks of an item. You can buy that large stack at a low price, then break them up into smaller stacks to sell at a higher price.

Don’t try to buy everything of an item in an attempt to re-sell it at a high price. Prices go up and down rapidly sometimes, so it’s not possible to corner the market on an item. Keep in mind you are competing with everyone since all of the markets are linked. So unless you know it’s a very rare item, I would avoid this tactic.