How to Get Fortnite Skins Guide: The Latest List of Free Skins and Cosmetics

In May 2024, Fortnite players will once again have the opportunity to get a range of exciting skins and cosmetics for free. These cool items can be easily earned by completing specific tasks or participating in events. This article will give you a detailed look at the skins and cosmetics currently available for free, and how to get them.

Current free skins

In May 2024, Fortnite will have three free skins available for players to claim. Below is the list of free skins:

  • Emily the Explorer Costume – Get it by linking your LEGO and Fortnite accounts.
  • Trailblazer Tai Outfit – Obtained for free by completing LEGO Fortnite missions.
  • Lina Scorch Outfit – Obtained by claiming the PlayStation Plus exclusive Blazin’ Wheels pack.

Currently free cosmetics

In addition to free skins, Fortnite also offers a range of free cosmetics. Here’s a list of free cosmetics for May:

  • Head stone spray
  • Billie the Spoiler loading screen
  • Change jam tracks
  • Heart groove aura
  • express backwards
  • Melting microphone emoticon
  • Silly Bros Jam track
  • Snow Raid Aura
  • Sweet Victory Riff
  • Popular Bassline emoticons
  • Runway blocking track
  • Lavatronik bass instrument
  • Blohsh banner icon
  • Grooved heart emoticon
  • Microphone instrument burned out
  • Chainsong keyboard instrument
  • Star Wars LEGO Fortnite Decoration Set
  • Mos Eisley Market Construction
  • Junkers “Brella Victory” paraglider
  • Wastelander’s Marked Wrap
  • Nitro’d Ranker back decoration
  • fist banner icon
  • -Scar spray
  • Waste spray
  • Kaboom emoticon
  • Competitor rust removal spray
  • Triple bullseye emoji
  • Pea tree spray
  • Polar blast loading screen
  • Nitro Chainsaw Pickaxe
  • Rare lama back ornaments (various rare styles)
  • Gas Up Pack back accessories
  • Cypher Traces (14 colors)
  • Wheel of Aether (13 colors)

How to get free skins and cosmetics

To get these free skins and cosmetics, you can try the following:

  • Complete in-game activities: Participating in specific activities and completing challenges, such as Winter Festival missions or other activities, may reward you with free skins and cosmetics.
  • Participate in competitions: Epic Games holds various cross-border character theme tournaments from time to time. High-ranking players can obtain corresponding skins for free before they are sold in the store.
  • Follow social media: From time to time there will be campaigns on social media to give away free skin codes, but please be careful to avoid potential scams.
  • Technically, it may not be free, but players who subscribe to U4GM will receive tons of rewards every month, including new skins and matching cosmetics. its fortnite vbucks top up 1000 v-bucks – $6.69.

All in all, getting free skins and cosmetics in Fortnite takes some effort and patience, but with these methods, you’re sure to get the items you want. You can easily get Fortnite skins and cosmetics for free! Come join this fun-filled adventure!

Epic Planned to Move the Free-to-Play Launch of Save the World out of 2018

Fortnite’s Save the World mode – not Battle Royale – is no longer planned to go free-to-play in 2018, Epic has announced. Considering the fact that it entered early access improvement in 2017, Save the World has only been out there to these prepared to purchase a special “campaign pack”, beginning at about £32.99. It was initially anticipated to go free-to-play sometime this year.

Epic Planned to Move the Free-to-Play Launch of Save the World out of 2018

Even so, in its most up-to-date State of Development post, Epic explained that it will be postponing the move away from paid early access whilst it functions on “a broad set of characteristics, reworks, and backend method scaling we think are needed to go free-to-play.”

“Save the World has grown consistently considering the fact that our launch in July 2017 and Fortnite all round has skilled unprecedented development,” the developer stated. “Scaling up for the legions of player heroes who might be joining the fight is key to offering a superb experience. This applies to all of our players, old and new, so we’re taking the time to get this right.”

Epic also revealed that, to “thank our founders, both new and old”, it will likely be providing away the Hallowe’en-y Skull Ranger Ramirez and Brainiac Jonesy heroes to anyone that logs into Save the World during the upcoming Fortnitemares event. Epic hasn’t yet announced when its spooky festivities will start – but, judging by its recent tweets, points really should be commencing soon.

Furthermore, for anyone curious about sampling Save the World although it remains in paid early access, there is going to be a 50 per cent discount on the game’s Regular, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, and Limited Founder’s packs, beginning later this week.

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Some Advice to Fortnite Newbie – From Differences to Sources

You’ll find three sorts of fortnite materials which can then be utilised to construct, with each sort of material possessing its personal separate build time and wellness:

Some Advice to Fortnite Newbie - From Differences to Sources

  • Wood: five-second build time per panel, beginning overall health at 100, has 200 health
  • Stone: 12-second build time per panel, starting wellness at 90, has 300 well being
  • Metal: 20-second develop time per panel, starting wellness at 80, has 400 well being

Destroying issues like brick walls, trees, rocks and automobiles will get you the respective material. You’ll be able to also uncover them wherever you uncover loot – for example out within the open or in chests. The quickest method to accumulate loot in a match is by killing other players, enabling you to collect their materials once you run over their dropped fortnite items.

It really is an excellent thought to understand what materials perform finest in distinct conditions and make for your advantage. One example is, wooden structures will be the quickest to construct but are the weakest against enemy fire so it wouldn’t be sensible to make use of it more than a stronger material when you’re in a final circle, and applying metal through the early stages of a match when you happen to be constantly shifting because of circle shrinkage would just be a waste.

Be cautious, even though, because the longer the develop time, the bigger the window for opponents to shoot down your panels so if you are engaged inside a compact one-on-one battle, we suggest that you just use wood to build a smaller defense method as it really is faster to replace.

Use stone and metal to make a bigger fort throughout the later stages of your game so you’ve got someplace that is extra reinforced to camp out in, plus being larger up increases your likelihood of landing deadly headshots. Just recall to reinforce the base of any high towers you build as opponents will frequently try and topple your structure from the bottom up.

Fortnite Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes

Fortnite’s meteoric rise to good results is quite staggering for all items viewed as. It is gone from being seen as a faster-paced, cartoony version of PUBG to the greatest game on this planet – madness.

Fortnite’s meteoric rise for the biggest game on the planet is pretty staggering all points thought of. It really is gone from being that “other” cartoonier Battle Royale game that everyone played as an alternative to PUBG, to something that is primarily taken over the globe. It’s stirred up controversy over video game addiction on mainstream media and some of its dances featured in World Cup celebrations – madness.

Properly, can you believe that it’s only Fortnite’s initial birthday currently? Yes, this has all happened in only the space of a year.

To celebrate this special occasion, Epic’s introduced three new 1st Birthday Challenges on top rated of your usual bunch we’ll get later in the week. One of them tasks you with dancing in front of 10 unique Birthday Cakes scattered across the map. They’re not uncomplicated to seek out either, as Epic’s placed them in some fairly unassuming spots.

It is worth drumming up the effort to find them all even though, as you are going to earn a particular Birthday Backing!

To help you get this challenge carried out promptly so you’ll be able to don that Backing ahead of any person else, we’ve put collectively a list of each of the Birthday Cake locations across the map.

Editor’s Note: Due to the fact our frantic update frenzy yesterday, we’re confident we’ve located each of the Birthday Cakes across the map which we’ve listed in the section beneath. They are now all in alphabetical order for ease of use at the same time. Beneath this you will discover a video outlining their locations in further detail, a map it is possible to bring up on a second screen whilst you are hunting for them in addition to a summary from the other Birthday Celebration challenges also.

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All Birthday Cake locations

Here’s a list of where you’ll find all the Birthday Cakes across the map. In order to get this challenge completed, you will need to find 10 and dance in front of them for a second or two. The UI will notify you when you’ve ticked one off, but make sure that you stay in the game until you’re eliminated! Leaving early will cost you progress.

Fatal Fields – Slap-bang in the center of this zone is another Birthday Cake.
Flush Factory – Centre of this location, just outside the main factory.
Greasy Grove – Towards the middle of this zone is a car park that contains another cake.
Lazy Links – South East side, on the golf course by the road.
Lonely Lodge – Just outside this location, near the yellow caravan.
Paradise Palms – Follow the main road into this location and you’ll spot near the “Paradise” sign on the corner.
Pleasant Park – Check behind the gas station.
Risky Reels – The grassy hill directly south of Risky Reels has another.
Retail Row – We’ve read that another is available in the middle of this zone. We’ve just confirmed this for ourselves.
Tilted Towers – North East of this location, near the waterfall.
Wailing Woods – West of this location, on one of the small hilltops.

The YouTube community has been busy tracking down all the cake locations too. You might want to fire up this video by PostboxPat as they’ve put together a great guide to find them all:

The above image shows what these Birthday Cakes look like.

All Birthday Cakes – Map
Famous Fortnite community member squatingdog has put together one of their brilliant cheat sheets which showcase where to find all the Birthday Cakes across Fortnite’s map.

If you’re struggling to see some areas of the map, click on it to zoom in for a closer look!

Other Birthday Celebration Challenges

Once you’ve busted a move in front of 10 Birthday Cakes, you’ll still have a couple of challenges to tick off to get the Birthday cosmetic set.

Here are the remaining two challenges with their associated rewards:

Play matches (14) – XP 5000
Deal damage to opponents (1000) – “Fortnite Birthday!” Emoticon
Thankfully both these challenges go hand in hand with each other. It’s best to get aggressive if you’re focusing on getting these two done quickly. This way you’ll work towards “Deal damage to opponents” and if you’re eliminated early, you’ll at least begin getting closer to playing 14 matches in total to complete the “Play matches” challenge.