Final Fantasy XIV Detail Guide for Gardener

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Gardener as a production profession, is a very need patience in order to cultivate the profession, in the process of grade 1 to 34, PO cut thousands of trees or bushes, also went through a process from exploration to adept and even numb. In order to be a gardener, need to do the following preparation,

First, to sen (Gerry dani) gardeners association to become a gardener, second, in the sen (Gerry dani) market to buy all equipment (grade 1 ~ 20) all production department, third, best to join an open experience force (guild), force effects can provide 10% extra experience. As a gardener, you need to stack the attributes are: get force, distinguish force, gathering force, intelligence and dexterity. Their priority is: get force> distinguish force> intelligence> dexterity> gathering force.

Get force: influence the acquisition success rate in the process of acquisition. Distinguish force, affect the quality of access to quality during the process of acquisition probability (no special effects, no merit factor top 15%). Gathering force: professional production of MP (practical production skills acquisition). Intelligence/dexterity: regardless of pasture/yangjae on intelligence and dexterous after reaching a certain value can only be triggered effects.

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