Take a break from getting ffxiv gil and getting better EXP

ffxiv gil

Doing quests and collecting FFXIV Gil on your FFXIV account can be tiring work for your characters. Why not give them a relaxing break in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Inns. Your characters will be refreshed and develop much faster.

Characters will be able rent rooms once they finish a quest at level 10. Often this will be at an Inn in the City-State they are in. Staying in an Inn, whether online or offline will increase the player’s Rested EXP bonus. This bonus will make characters receive 50% more experience from combat, crafting and harvesting. Note that the bonus doesn’t apply to quests and the like. Finally, you cannot craft FFXIV items while inside the inn. You’ll have to earn your FFXIV Gil outside the place.

Players can log out of the game by right-clicking the bed in an inn. When they next log in, they will receive a bonus item. Characters can also leave items in the Armoire that can be picked up from any Armoire in any inn. Using this feature does not cost FFXIV Gil. This extra storage cannot hold damaged or duplicate items however.