Cross-Class Skills Help Maximize FFXIV Gil Gain


Have you ever wanted to be a tank but still be able to use powerful bow attacks? Maybe you wanted to be a damage dealing mage that also has good healing spells? Well, in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you can do that and save cheap FFXIV Gil while at it. Check for details below.

Part of the multi-class system of FFXIV: ARR is the ability for characters to share abilities between classes. This adds another degree of customizability and freedom to any FFXIV account. The moment you unlock your second class, you will gain access to this system. You start out with one cross-skill slot and get another every ten levels for the very low price of zero FFXIV Gil.

To balance the system, not all skills can be shared. Only unlocked cross-skills on the source class can be shared. Traits also cannot be shared, and skills that are affected by traits will only share their base version. Finally, Jobs can only use cross-skills from three specific classes related to them. Having these extra skills can help you obtain more FFXIV items and FFXIV Gil. Have fun playing!