The Armoury Chest Helps Save Your Space and FFXIV Gil

ffxiv gil

Experience points aren’t the only logistical problem for multiple classes in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Storing all the different equipment and FFXIV items needed by each class on your FFXIV account can be problematic. This can also cut into the amount of FFXIV Gil you can earn as you won’t have space for items to sell. Thankfully the developers had foresight and made the Armoury Chest.

The Armoury Chest is a mobile storage system for a character’s equipment. It is separate from your normal inventory so you can still carry other items. Being a mobile storage feature, it can be accessed anywhere and without needing to pay FFXIV Gil fees. Simply click the button on the UI or press Ctrl + I. The chest has tabs for each equipment slot and each tab can hold up to 25 items. That’s a lot of equipment!

When a character unlocks their second class they will have access to Gear Sets for the Armoury Chest. This allows players to set up specific equipment load outs for each class. Gear sets can be assigned to the hotbar so characters can quickly change equipment at the push of a button. This is incredibly handy when farming for items and FFXIV Gil.