MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty: To Sell or Not to Sell Player Cards?

MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty: To Sell or Not to Sell Player Cards?

In MLB The Show 24’s Diamond Dynasty mode, stubs serve as the primary currency for building your ultimate team. One common dilemma among players is whether to sell their player cards to earn stubs or hold onto them for strategic purposes. In this article, we’ll explore the factors to consider when deciding whether to sell player cards and provide insights on maximizing stub income in Diamond Dynasty.

Understanding the Importance of Stubs

MLB 24 Stubs are the lifeblood of Diamond Dynasty, allowing players to acquire new player cards, build their dream team, and participate in various in-game activities. Whether you’re looking to bolster your lineup with star players or invest in valuable equipment and packs, stubs are essential for progressing in the mode.

Factors to Consider When Selling Player Cards

  1. Duplicate Cards: If you have multiple copies of the same player card, selling duplicates can be a lucrative way to earn stubs. Evaluate the demand for the card in the marketplace and consider selling duplicates that are in high demand to maximize your earnings.
  2. Current Market Value: Keep an eye on the market value of player cards to capitalize on favorable selling opportunities. Prices fluctuate based on player performance, in-game events, and supply and demand dynamics. Selling cards when their market value is high can yield substantial stub income.
  3. Team Composition: Assess your team’s needs and priorities when deciding which player cards to sell. If you have surplus cards in certain positions or attributes, consider selling them to acquire players who better fit your team’s strategy and playstyle.
  4. Long-Term Investment vs. Immediate Gains: Consider whether you’re willing to hold onto certain player cards as long-term investments or prioritize earning stubs for immediate gains. Some cards may appreciate over time, while others may provide immediate benefits to your team.

Maximizing Stub Income Strategies

  1. Market Timing: Take advantage of market fluctuations to buy low and sell high. Monitor the marketplace regularly and identify opportunities to capitalize on favorable price trends. Patience and strategic timing can significantly impact your stub income.
  2. Completing Collections: Completing player collections can unlock valuable rewards, including stubs, packs, and exclusive player cards. Prioritize completing collections that offer desirable rewards and consider selling redundant cards to fund collection completion.
  3. Investing in Flippable Cards: Identify flippable cards with low buy prices and high sell prices to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities. Conduct thorough research and analysis to identify undervalued cards with profit potential.
  4. Participating in In-Game Events: Take part in in-game events, challenges, and missions to earn stubs and rewards. Completing event objectives and achieving milestones can provide significant stub income and enhance your overall Diamond Dynasty experience.


In MLB The Show 24’s Diamond Dynasty mode, the decision to sell player cards to earn stubs requires careful consideration of various factors, including duplicate cards, market value, team composition, and long-term investment opportunities. By strategically evaluating these factors and implementing effective stub income strategies, players can maximize their stub earnings and build a formidable team to dominate the competition in Diamond Dynasty.

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