NBA 2K21 Dribble Guide

Not only will good dribbling make you a better ball-handler, which should lead to fewer turnovers, but also it can be an aid when it comes to fighting off and faking out defenders. So we have brought NBA 2k21’s dribble guide to help beat defenders off the dribble.


Benefits of Dribbling in NBA 2K21

Here are some of the advantages of dribbling in NBA 2K21:

• Bypass defenders with ease when making use of the right moves at the right moment.
• Get out of tricky situations using moves that your opponent does not expect.
• Outplay your opponent and open up scoring opportunities from nothing.
• Besides any of the above, you can make your gameplay a lot more exciting and interesting.

How has Dribbling Changed in 2K21?

The only notable change that we could say for sure is that the movement of the players is slightly slower, more thorough, and accurate, which ultimately makes dribbling a bit more challenging. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot be as good or even better than the older version of the game.

How to Dribble Effectively in NBA 2K21?

How to Dribble in NBA 2K21

The cool thing about dribbling in our game, at its most simple and pure level, is that the left stick moves your guy around, and you don’t need to know more than that. But, as you get more experienced with the game, you can start using the modifier to do between the legs dribbles, hesitations, behind the back dribbles, and flashy behind the back passes to your teammates. And again, those can all be learned with tutorials in 2KU, where we give you an example of how to do everything in the game. It’s a lot to take in if you run through everything, so focus on a few moves, practice those in a couple of games and then layer on more skills as you go.

Tips and Tricks

Here, we’re breaking down everything that you need to know to help you to improve your dribbling ability in NBA 2K21.

1). Oversee your opponent.

There are a few reasons why you need to oversee the opposition when dribbling the ball.

First off, gauging the distance between the ball-handler and the defender will help give you a good idea of what type of dribbling move you should utilize.

Also, watching the opposition can give you a good idea of what that player likes to do. If you see that the opponent likes to play close to the ball-handler every time, try various dribbling maneuvers to shake off the defender. If one works, keep that in mind and then see if the opposition plays the same way again. Only this time, your know-how will have a way to beat the match-up easily.

2). Be responsible when dribbling.

While making fancy dribbling moves can look guide, be mindful that you need to be responsible when dribbling the ball. Try to limit the moves that you use in NBA 2K21, and don’t make the same move on every occasion. Diversify the moves that you utilize so that the opponent doesn’t expect the same move every time.

Also, keep your options. Using a spin or a stutter is not the only way you can beat the opponent. The good ball movement can also be an effective tool for shaking things loose and getting player’s options. The key is to stay disciplined and be patient. Don’t be afraid to wait things out, as it can pay big dividends if you do.

3). Finding the right flurry of dribble moves.

With the ample amount of dribble moves and combos you can pull off in 2K, one can find it tricky to know when to use a behind-the-back or a size-up. The best advice we can give you is to practice using the RS and the different types of moves you and your player can perform. Finding the right flurry of dribble moves; can be the difference between getting past your defender!

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