The Key to Make FFXIV Gil: Understanding the Profession System

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s crafting system is unique among today’s MMORPGs. Unlike other online-games that tie a character to one or two professions, FFXIV lets players to use all professions. A single character on a FFXIV account can mine for ore as well as make armor and so on. This is quite ideal if you want to earn lots of FFXIV Gil.

ffxiv gil

Dedicated classes for crafting FFXIV Gil
Crafting classes work the same way as combat classes in the game. All it takes for a character to change crafting classes is a change of equipment. Using a mining tool turns your character into a miner for example. The drawback is that you also cease to be in your combat class once you equip a tool. This is incredibly convenient however if you’re in an area with a lot of materials you can sell for FFXIV Gil.

Spending FFXIV Gil to visit the various crafting guilds
Before you can start crafting FFXIV items to sell, you’ll have to unlock that crafting class. You can do this by spending some FFXIV Gil and travelling to the corresponding crafting guild. Below is a list where you can find them:
1).Ul’dah: Alchemists, Goldsmiths, Weavers, and Miners Guild
2).Gridania: Carpentry, Leatherworking, and Botanists Guild
3).Limsa Lominsa: Armorsmit, Blacksmith, Culinarians, and Fishing Guild

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How and Where to buy safe ffxiv gil

FFXIV has been on the top five MMOPRG. It can be seen that ffxiv gil is on hot sale with the popularity of FFXIV. (Many players say:Heavensward is the best and most comprehensive expansion to massively multiplayer game that they’ve played”) However, there is a question that bothers almost all players about how and where to buy ffxiv gil.


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How to Buy ffxiv gil?
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Millions of FIFA Coins Stolen from Famous YouTubers


In the past two weeks, some rampant hackers have been stealing millions upon millions of FIFA Coins. Interestingly, they have not just targeted random players; more than 10 famous YouTubers have been hacked.

Some of the more famous ones among them are AnesonGib, W2S, Nepenthez, Nick28T, Bateson87 and Matthdgamer who rake in millions of views each week while talking about videogames. If combined, they have about five million subscribers.

Fans of the game would know how valuable FIFA Coins can be since they are purchasable with real money; but that was not all what they lost. The hackers have reportedly deleted multiple expensive players from their games as well.

Matthdgamer claims that Cristiano Ronaldo (valued at about £800) was erased from his game.

While it is not clear how all this happened, some speculations suggest that the hackers were able to exploit EA’s customer services by using the recovery options to get the accounts transferred to their own names.

FIFA Coins are valuable, but if this continues people might lose even more precious items – it might be the right time to put an extra layer of security over your accounts.

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Compare FIFA 16 Coins Prices



FFXIV Guide to be the best machinist in FFXIV

As all FFXIV players know, there are 3 new jobs added in Heavensward, Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist. FFXIV4GIL have made guides for Dark Knight and Astrologian, and they are praised by many players, here we will share the last one, guide for Machinist.

Machinist is a ranged DPS (damage per second) job introduced in 2014 Fan Fest in Tokyo. Machinist is the gun-wielding job released in Heavensward. Unlike 2.0 jobs, Machinist does not require a base class and starts from level 30. The job’s main weapon is the Firearm. Machinist uses specialized mechanical equipment such as attachments to the firearm along with deploy-able turrets. Using deployable turrets, Machinist can perform a support style role in addition to the DPS role. The turrets can attack enemies, debuff enemies or buff allies.

Theoretically speaking, Machinist is a nice DPS job. As FFXIV players we all expect it before Heavensward online. But in fact, it is not as perfect as all players thought, so much so that some players say Machinist is the worst DPS in FFXIV. We even hear some players say they can’t go on upgrading. Here is the experience we get from practice and other players.

The Machinist is in the worst spot of any job in the game right now. It’s intended to be a DPS job with a healthy amount of support. Unfortunately, its DPS output is the lowest in the game , with players wearing item level 180 gear reporting that it’s somewhere around 300 to 400 less DPS than Dragoon and Monk, and noticeably lower than the comparatively support-oriented Bard.

What makes matters worse, the utility it provides isn’t nearly enough to make up for its low damage output. Two of its skills slots are dedicated to single target slow/snare, and two are for applying a -5% damage debuff to a single foe for 10 seconds. So, you could say that it is best utility lies in Promotion, an ability that turns its turret into a World of Warcraft Shaman-like totem that provides MP or TP regeneration around it. Sadly, even this ability is underwhelming as it has a lower regeneration rate than a Bard’s equivalent songs.


There are other issues that plague the job, too. For one, its RNG (random number generation) dependent combo has been regarded to by many as a pain, as it’s common to be stuck on the first combo weapon skill while waiting for Reload and Quick Reload to come back up. Also, there have been complaints that Grenado Shot, the Machinist’s primary means of dealing AoE (area of effect) damage has way too small of a splash damage area to be competitive with other jobs.

Lastly, there’s the whole issue about Machinist’s skills being the least visually impressive of what FFXIV has to offer, and there being very few OGCD (off global cooldown) skills. These two elements of the play experience result in it playing slow and feeling unsatisfying to many.

All above is the situation now, how long it lasts is not sure. But here is another truth we should know that the weakness of Machinist will improve with equipment and patch changed.

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FFXIV New Class Guide :Marauder

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the universe of Final Fantasy XIV. With so many classes available to choose from, how do you know which one best suits your play style? For today’s article, we’ll be focusing on the Marauder class. Here’s what you need to know about the Marauder class on your Final Fantasy XIV account.



Marauders are combat specialists whose weapon of choice is the great axe—a fearsome arm long associated with Eorzea’s pirates. Their approach to battle is one of brute force, as they rely on pure strength and good steel to crush enemies and sunder weapons. They are highly sought after for their ferocity and intimidating presence, and are often employed to hunt down monsters plaguing the land or to turn the tide of battle between warring nations. Skilled marauders have been known to take on entire packs of slavering beasts and emerge with little more than a few scrapes and bruises.”

In other words, Marauders are the kind of like the juggernaut type on your FFXIV account. We’ll discuss that further below.

Marauder Class Introduction
The Marauder is a physical, melee combat specialist that relies on solid strength to pulverize enemies. Marauders wear plate and mail armor, and the most important stat for them is vitality, which increases the character’s maximum health points (HP). As a Disciple of War class, the Marauder specializes in great axes, and that means, you can only use great axes as a Marauder on your Final Fantasy XIV account The Marauder’s Guild is located in the marine city of Limsa Lominsa.

If you choose Marauder as your first class, you will start off in the city of Limsa Lominsa. The Marauder can acquire the job Warrior at level 30 if he or she also has level 15 in the gladiator class.

Marauder Class Gameplay Mechanics
First of all, the Marauder is a tanky class, but it doesn’t exactly play like one as you would expect. Usually, tanks have high defenses but have low or average damage output. The Marauder is a unique variation to the tank archetype, as it is able to dish out a considerably high damage mitigation while not compromising its general defenses. Compared to other damage-type classes however, you would be doing less damage, but you’ll last longer in battles. So if you want to be tanking waves of enemies and dealing damage at the same time, then perhaps the Marauder class is for you.

Remember that vitality equals your health, which equals your damage mitigation. Marauders tank by colliding head-on with enemies, relying on life leech and healers to keep their health up. Focus on getting your health up as a Marauder for you to stay on the battlefield for a much longer time than the other classes.

Marauder Class Skills and Abilities
Heavy Swing is your first basic attack. You’ll use it throughout as it’s your combo opener. Foresight gives damage reduction for 20 seconds, for tanking waves of enemies. Skull Sunder is the second part of the combo with Heavy Swing. Fracture is used for additional damage. Bloodbath converts 25% of your damage into healing, useful while tanking and while soloing and fighting tough mobs. Brutal Swing stuns targets and prevents them from casting spells. Overpower is an AoE taunt. Tomahawk is your first ranged attack, basically used to pull. Maim is a combo after Heavy Swing that increases damage by 20% for 18 seconds. Berserk increases attack power by 50% for 15 seconds. After the 15 seconds, however, you can’t use weapon skills anymore. It locks your skills for 5 seconds, but gives you 50% more damage for 15 seconds which means you’ll do more total damage, while losing control for 5 seconds. Mercy Stroke is a finisher that deals a ton of damage if a target is below 20%. If you finish an enemy with this skill, you’ll gain 20% of your health back. Thrill of Battle increases maximum HP by 10% and restores the amount increased. Storm’s Path converts 50% of the damage done is healed as health, but it’s a combo after Maim. Holmgang roots both you and your target, to keep them from running away. Vengeance causes you to auto-attack for 15 seconds with a mild attack. Finally, Storm’s Tip follows Maim and deals a large amount of damage when it hits. It also decreases slashing resistance and prevents regeneration via curing magic by 50%.

Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2015 Guide

No matter in the real world or in Eorzra, summer is coming! As the summer themed seasonal event, Moonfire Faire 2015 returns to Eorzea. In fact, Moonfire Faire is a special seasonal event in FFXIV. Because it is the first event to take place in FFXIV. Moonfire Faire 2015 is the 3rd, and what will happen in game?  FFXIV4GIL will help you to catch the freshest news.



 Event Schedule

From Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 1:00 a.m. to Monday, September 7, 2015 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)

How to Participate

The Moonfire Faire is off to an explosive start, but it seems the Adventurers’ Guild still wants for assistance. Speak with Haermaga, grand chaperone of the Moonfire Faire, and see what you can do to ensure this year’s celebration is a booming success.

* Please note that seasonal quests cannot be completed after the event has concluded.

* Special FATEs will appear in the area surrounding Costa del Sol over the course of the seasonal event. Completing these FATEs will reward players with faire tokens, which can be exchanged for various goods.

* Two FATEs will be unavailable during the Moonfire Faire.

 Reigniting the Festivities

Quest Location: Limsa Lominsa, Upper Decks – Haermaga

Seasonal Event FATEs

  • The Sarong Song
  • The Belle of the Beach
  • Sparking Up the Wrong Beach
  • It Came from Beneath the Deep
  • Life’s a Beach
  • Feeling Groggy

Unavailable FATEs

  • Follow the Light
  • Consigned, Sealed, and Undelivered

 Event Items

  • Gear for Male Adventurers: southern seas vest, striped southern seas vest, southern seas trunks.
  • Gear for Female Adventurers: southern seas swimsuit, striped southern seas swimsuit, southern seas tanga.
  • Oriental Wind Chime (Wall-mounted): This small glass bell has a slip of parchment attached to its clapper which, when blown by the wind, causes the clapper to strike the rim.
  • Storm Tracer (Seasonal Miscellany): A handheld incendiary device distributed by the Maelstrom.
  • Flame Tracer (Seasonal Miscellany): A handheld incendiary device distributed by the Immortal Flames.
  • Serpent Tracer (Seasonal Miscellany): A handheld incendiary device distributed by the Order of the Twin Adder.


If you missed Moonfire Faire 2013 and 2014, don’t miss Moonfire Faire 2015. Especially, when you are tired of farming in dungeons or crafting again and again, it is a wonderful event to relax. Improve the shining hour, so many event items are waiting for you.

Reasons for u to play as Lalafell

It’s article time again, with a topic that most people have discussed about: Why do you play a Lalafell?Sure we all
know they’re cute, they’re the Master Race, yada yada.But what do the JP players really think? They’re quite honest I
can tell you that!


1. Maybe they wish to return to their childhood?
2. Someone once said that a lot of Lalafell players are uncles and aunties who wish to have children.
3. Since I’m a crappy player and I don’t want to stand out, I always use the shortest possible character in MMOs.
4. Lalafells are angels in this godly game!
5. But the most foul-mouthed players are also Lalas.
6. Lalafell angel picture please.
7. (Responding to above poster) -
8. (Responding to the picture above) – The left girl’s right fist will likely hit harder than a monk with a weapon.
9. In the first place, other races are plain aside from Miqo/Lala. Everyone will choose them.
10. I guess they feel like pets, like dogs and cats.
11. Kick them into the air!
12. Aren’t there a lot of women who use Lalas? My younger sister too. She’s so compact she’s so cute!
13. I want to become small because my height is 180cm (5′ 11″). My friends exclaim with delight when they see cute
high-heels and all I can do is cry lol. At least in the game I can become small and cute.
14. Some Lalafell players are suspected of exhibiting early symptoms of childhood regression.
15. I’m a female myself and I wanted to create a female character. Wanted to try Miqo’te but there were too many of
them so I gave up that thought. On the other hand, even if I create a cute female Hyur it’ll seem like a mass-
production model. And so I ended up with a female Lala! I find it surprising and interesting that there’s a lot of
individuality depending on how you create a Lala. I maxed the size so I can see the armor but there aren’t many good
looking armors in the first place. I’m depressed.
16. Scantily-clad Lalas are truly disgusting.
17. I chose a female Hyur because of the ass.
18. Once you get used to a Lala’s movements you can’t go back to other races. They feel too slow.
19. (Responding to poster above) – A Lala sprinting with all his strength feels good!
20. That Hyur ass is too good.
21. A lot of girls playing Lalas are old hags.