White Mage, Scholar and Astrologian ,which is the best healer to play

As all players know, there are 3 kinds of healers in Final Fantasy XIV after Heavensward online. It is a difficult question for new players who don’t have a healing job before. The workers in FFXIV4GIL are not only FFXIV Gil sellers but also players, what’s more, we have the most professional FFXIV Power Leveling team. It is very convenient for us to get more info from game. Here FFXIV4GIL shares some experience, it may help you to choose a healer.


White Mage
White Mage is the main healing job of FFXIV. They evolve from the class Conjurer. Using wands and canes, White Mages are capable of healing, buffing and reviving their allies. White Mages have all the abilities and traits of Conjurers. They can also use all the cross-class abilities of arcanist and thaumaturge. The most important stat for the white mage is mind, which increases healing magic potency. The level of your White Mage is equivalent to that of your Conjurer. Becoming a White Mage is extremely helpful for higher levels.

Scholar is healer with fairies as their pets. Scholar is evolved from the class Arcanist, as is Summoner. Wielding books, Scholars have all the abilities and traits of Arcanists. They can also use all the cross-class abilities of thaumaturge and conjurer. The most important stat for the scholar is mind, which increases healing magic potency. The level of your Scholar is equivalent to that of your Arcanist. Scholars use books as weapons, and do not equip anything in their off-hand.

Astrologian is a healer job introduced in 2014 Fan Fest in Tokyo. Astrologian’s main weapon is the Star Globe. The job starts from level 30, will not require a base class. It employs the use of celestial magicks along with a divining deck in order to heal and support their parties.

Firstly, we recommend new players to start as a healer if your operation is not too bad. It is different from other MMOs healers in FF14 have quite considerable dps which could help you to do quests smoothly. What’s more, you can go into dungeons faster than other DPS jobs when you are waiting line for dungeons.

If you are a new player, FFXIV4GIL recommends White Mage more. It is needed in a large number and a little easier than Scholar. White Mage is good at healing a team at the same time. By contrast, Scholar is good at healing one player. And you must operate your fairy by yourself if you want to be a prefect Scholar. But Scholar is challenging and interesting.

At the mention of Astrologian, we have something to say. New players couldn’t choose Astrologian before they complete the main scenario quests. From the experience from our FFXIV Power Leveling team and our customers, Astrologian is not as good as White Mage or Scholar. But it is really a healing job that is quite different from the others. And the outfit of Astrologian is mysterious.

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Tell you special news about primary final fantasy xiv

 It has been a long time since ffxiv I shows its face to us.What we are playing now is ffxiv .Maybe you don’t know that clearly ,it doesn’t matter.We can share the news about primary ffxiv.
FFXIV features a new job system, called the Armory System, which is based on the weapons a character chooses to wield rather than the selection of jobs and subjobs. It contains significantly different gameplay than Final Fantasy XI, modelling itself after the success of its predecessor, player feedback and other successful MMOs.
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Specially , FFXIV does not feature experience points in the way that FFXI and most other MMOs do. Instead, the development of specific abilities occurs in a different way .But they all contain ffxiv power leveling.Final Fantasy XIV was revealed at E3 in 2009. The Windows PC version of FF14 was released in September 2010.
The game’s beta went well, but since its initial release players have complained about the quality of the game and its gameplay. Square Enix extended free trials and offered players free subscriptions while it works on the game, to ensure that players didn’t give up before changes could be implemented.
One important person, who was producer for Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV during the game’s development, stepped down from his role in response to the negative feedback, with Naoki Yoshida taking his role. Major changes to the development team were made to revise the game. The PS3 version was delayed while Square Enix made improvements to the game.

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