Reasons for fans to play ffxiv lalafell

Sure we all know they’re cute, they’re the Master Race, yada yada.We are collecting the possible reasons that many fans choose to play
as lalafell:


1. Maybe they wish to return to their childhood?
2. Someone once said that a lot of Lalafell players are uncles and aunties who wish to have children.
3. Since I’m a crappy player and I don’t want to stand out, I always use the shortest possible character in MMOs.
4. Lalafells are angels in this godly game!
5. But the most foul-mouthed players are also Lalas.
6. Lalafell angel picture please.




7.In the first place, other races are plain aside from Miqo/Lala. Everyone will choose them.
8.I guess they feel like pets, like dogs and cats.
9. Kick them into the air!
10.Aren’t there a lot of women who use Lalas? My younger sister too. She’s so compact she’s so cute!
11. I want to become small because my height is 180cm (5′ 11″). My friends exclaim with delight when they see cute high-heels and all I
can do is cry lol. At least in the game I can become small and cute.
12. Some Lalafell players are suspected of exhibiting early symptoms of childhood regression.
13. I’m a female myself and I wanted to create a female character. Wanted to try Miqo’te but there were too many of them so I gave up
that thought. On the other hand, even if I create a cute female Hyur it’ll seem like a mass-production model. And so I ended up with a
female Lala! I find it surprising and interesting that there’s a lot of individuality depending on how you create a Lala. I maxed the
size so I can see the armor but there aren’t many good looking armors in the first place. I’m depressed.




14. Scantily-clad Lalas are truly disgusting.
15. I chose a female Hyur because of the ass.
16. Once you get used to a Lala’s movements you can’t go back to other races. They feel too slow.
17. (Responding to poster above) – A Lala sprinting with all his strength feels good!
18. That Hyur ass is too good.
19. A lot of girls playing Lalas are old hags.