Square Enix Announced New App Final Fantasy XIV Online GO

“Final Fantasy XIV always aims to give players the most immersive experience,” Publisher Square Enix begins his video.

With the implementation of a smartphone app, players are now no longer tied to their home computer to do what they love to do: collect resources.

Players will be notified via their mobile phone about nearby resources and then go there with their smartphone. Arrived players can gather about the app by simply tapping the screen ores or the like.

Players can enhance their experience with Final Fantasy XIV Online GO by purchasing the “Harvest Bar”. According to Square Enix, this is “not a simple plastic stick” but a “very special plastic stick”.

If you want to learn more about the revolutionary app, check out here: With a new app, you can now collect nodes outside in Final Fantasy XIV. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need gils, you can turn to FFXIV4GIL for help. FFXIV4GIL has cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale.

Explore The Unknown Area Of Eureka In Final Fantasy XIV

The forbidden country Eureka Anemos emerges from the mists in FINAL FANTASY XIV, thanks to Patch 4.25 released today. This mysterious new area has not yet been explored, untamed and subject to constantly changing elements. Here, players are challenged to master new combat techniques and to obtain and improve powerful new weapons. The patch also provides the latest chapter in the adventure of the extraordinary Inspector Hildibrand, and the seventh season of The Feast PvP.


The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos is a huge, unknown area that brings with it some important gameplay changes:

  • Field Area-style gameplay: Up to 144 players can be in the same area. In doing so, they are encouraged to hunt for infamous samples together with other adventurers and to pursue common goals.
  • Progression of players: Players can earn elemental EXP to use their ability to use the elements. They can also use the new Magia Board function to customize their elementary affinities, which will certainly come in handy when exploring Eureka.
  • Custom combat mechanisms: The battles get new strategic depth with an element system. This system allows players to use a Magia Board to match the elementary affinity of their attacks to their enemies. Before they go out, players with a Magia Melder can adjust the elements of their Magia Board. It is the art to adjust the setup as well as possible to the goal of the adventure.
  • Rewards: Players can find protean crystals while exploring Eureka and return them to the famous blacksmith Gerolt for the improvement of weapons and equipment.

With the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Free Trial, new players can join the millions of adventurers in the Eorzea area. The free trial version lets everyone enjoy all content up to level 35, create up to eight playable characters, and try different playable races, classes and jobs without playing time restrictions.

FFXIV is here on Final Fantasy! Just fill your bank with enough money and get the necessary players and gears to benefit the most from FFXIV. Make sure to gather enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil to enjoy yourself in the new content. If you are in lack of gil, you can buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL. Besides, you should read more to learn some useful tips on FFXIV.

FFXIV News Will Come With The Aforementioned Update 4.25

Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG that Square Enix has spoiled so much, continues to have the support of its developer. That is why just over a month after receiving the great update 4.2, which came full of content, it has been possible to know that version 4.25 of the title would be available to all players from March 13.


Along with the submitted confirmation, several images have been shared about the news that will come with the aforementioned update 4.25:

In some of these we have the possibility to appreciate what will be the new and mysterious area of the game, whose name is “The Forbbiden Land of Eureka Anemos”. Apparently, this is an island that is not shown on the map and that precisely should not be in the place that is. This unexplored territory will await all sorts of secrets and dangers so that Final Fantasy XIV users can look more than ever their adventurous spirit, in addition to having a unique progression system that will give a little twist to the traditional gameplay of the work.

Final Fantasy XIV can be purchased on PlayStation 4 and PC after several months ago support for PlayStation 3 ceased. A big update for Final Fantasy players! This is quite exciting! The new content will be available within a few days, so just seize the limited time and gather enough money and necessary gears and players ahead. If you need gils in game, you can buy cheap FFXIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL.

Reasons for fans to play ffxiv lalafell

Sure we all know they’re cute, they’re the Master Race, yada yada.We are collecting the possible reasons that many fans choose to play
as lalafell:


1. Maybe they wish to return to their childhood?
2. Someone once said that a lot of Lalafell players are uncles and aunties who wish to have children.
3. Since I’m a crappy player and I don’t want to stand out, I always use the shortest possible character in MMOs.
4. Lalafells are angels in this godly game!
5. But the most foul-mouthed players are also Lalas.
6. Lalafell angel picture please.




7.In the first place, other races are plain aside from Miqo/Lala. Everyone will choose them.
8.I guess they feel like pets, like dogs and cats.
9. Kick them into the air!
10.Aren’t there a lot of women who use Lalas? My younger sister too. She’s so compact she’s so cute!
11. I want to become small because my height is 180cm (5′ 11″). My friends exclaim with delight when they see cute high-heels and all I
can do is cry lol. At least in the game I can become small and cute.
12. Some Lalafell players are suspected of exhibiting early symptoms of childhood regression.
13. I’m a female myself and I wanted to create a female character. Wanted to try Miqo’te but there were too many of them so I gave up
that thought. On the other hand, even if I create a cute female Hyur it’ll seem like a mass-production model. And so I ended up with a
female Lala! I find it surprising and interesting that there’s a lot of individuality depending on how you create a Lala. I maxed the
size so I can see the armor but there aren’t many good looking armors in the first place. I’m depressed.




14. Scantily-clad Lalas are truly disgusting.
15. I chose a female Hyur because of the ass.
16. Once you get used to a Lala’s movements you can’t go back to other races. They feel too slow.
17. (Responding to poster above) – A Lala sprinting with all his strength feels good!
18. That Hyur ass is too good.
19. A lot of girls playing Lalas are old hags.

How to play the market to make ffxiv gil


The market is the best way to make ffxiv gil in Final Fantasy XIV Online, if you don’t mind taking some risks. I have lost thousands of gil, only to make it back tenfold just a few hours later. Here are some tips on how to play the market:

Check the history of items before investing. Just because the item is listed for 10,000 gil doesn’t mean it sells for that. Check the history, you could be surprised.

Check the current tax rate. Tax can affect a lot, so check the tax rate and sell items in the appropriate city to keep your profits to a maximum.

Materia is the best way to start. I started out my market dealing career with materia. It’s easy to search and offers low risk investments. You won’t be pulling a lot of gil in at first, but it’s a great way to start.

Buy large stacks of items, and break them up into more expensive smaller stacks. Some crafters just need a small amount of something for an item they are making. But gathers will sell large stacks of an item. You can buy that large stack at a low price, then break them up into smaller stacks to sell at a higher price.

Don’t try to buy everything of an item in an attempt to re-sell it at a high price. Prices go up and down rapidly sometimes, so it’s not possible to corner the market on an item. Keep in mind you are competing with everyone since all of the markets are linked. So unless you know it’s a very rare item, I would avoid this tactic.

Smart Tips to Get Easy FFXIV Gil


In FFXIV – whether you’re on a Legacy server or not – ffxiv gil is often hard to come by, and those who have it aren’t sharing their secrets on how to get it. I’ve never been one to want for much in MMOs and currently on Hyperion am sitting on around 8,000,000 gil. Yep – that’s right. 8 million. Actually to be exact – it’s 8.5, but still the point is – that’s a lot. I think it’s time to stop holding the secrets to gil making and share with you guys some very easy ways to make an incredibly large amount of gil in a short amount of time. With patience and dedication you could even start earning up to 400-500k PER DAY.

I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Lots of people auto-synthesize loads and loads of things and put them up on the marketboards for around 100gil a pop, but with the right attitude and crafting rotation, you can easily HQ something like lumber, leather or ingots and really make bank. Here’s an example:

1.Iron ore from an NPC costs 18gil (free if you’re patient enough to gather it yourself)
2.It takes 3 iron ore and one ice shard to make an iron ore
3.So if we were going to make a stack of HQ ingot it would take us 297 iron ore and 99 ice shards which would equal to 5,346 gil.
4.On Hyperion – for example – HQ Iron Ingot sell for 350gil EACH. So for a stack you would make 34,650 gil.
5.This would make your profit out to be 29,304 gil

See what kind of money you could be making with a little amount of patience and effort? Such a small investment turns into such a big profit. All you need is attitude and patience.

Farming items crucial to the crafters is a really good thing. Not just items they’ll grow out of, but items they’ll need for almost every recipe (or at least most recipes). This may take a bit of research for you, but I’ll break into a little bit of it here for you:

1.Iron Ore
2.Bomb Ash
5.Moko Grass
6.Cotton Boll
8.Diremite Web

The need for these items is huge and you’ll know this if you look at your market board over the course of a day. Iron ore is needed by armorers and blacksmiths to make iron and steel ingots. Bomb ash is needed to create steel also – which is a high demand item as well. Carpenters and alchemists will need the logs and branches for their recipes all throughout their levels. Moko grass, cotton boll and diremite web are a weaver’s lifeline. Without them, they cannot craft ANYTHING. The varying sinews and alumen are needed for the leatherworker recipes. Most importantly – if you don’t feel like leveling a gatherer up too high or if you just want to make some really fast gil – just farm shards. Water, wind, earth, ice, lightning and fire shards/clusters/crystals are needed for each and every recipe in the game. They are a hot commodity and can help you earn tons of gil in no time flat.

Basically, when you market board watch, you want to study the trends of the boards. Jot down the prices of the items you’re interested in selling each day to find out where the medium range price is. If anything drops below that price, buy it and resell it at a later date when the price is back to normal. While watching the market boards you’ll notice that the prices for items tend to be undercut by hasty and impatient sellers who want their things to sell right then – right there. Sure, buying these up might just be supporting their foolish actions, but reselling them at a lower price will really help line your own pockets with some easy gil.

While you’re watching the boards, be sure to take notice at what’s selling fast and what isn’t. There may be some items that are valued at quite a lot of gil – I see some going for 180k and up, but if they’re so high that no one will buy them – there’s really no point in pursuing those items. Just pay attention to what sells fast and if you get bored or decide you want to make a bit more gil, you can feel free to go farm those items and sell them when the prices are just right.

1.Pay attention to the market boards
2.Never undercut a undercutter – no profit in it

Great way to power level FFXIV fast

 ffxiv tips

I like to mix it up, level with leves and dungeon runs and fates all mixed together. It’s really enjoyable and honestly never feels like a grind. I have a feeling that is what was intended. The XP for duty finder and leves is actually pretty good and has other rewards like loot and the actual experience of playing.

Once the “hardcore” players max everything out the little people like myself can start enjoying FATE battles that don’t end in 30 seconds.I don’t think they should nerf the XP but they should probably heavily tweak the scaling, especially of some of the non-super-boss FATEs. Those ones seem to fall over in seconds. Instead of increasing the number of mobs even more for normal kill FATEs, they should just greatly scale up their health. Make it so fates take a little bit more time.

Increasing dungeon XP by a reasonable amount (and adding more item/gil drops there) would help a lot too. Plus maybe some Seal bonuses for completing a dungeon. There is already real-time scaling in place, which is really noticable if you’re doing monster-spawn FATEs when nobody else is around. It would just require increased scaling. It feels like there is a cap right now. That said they need to fix the culling problems too at the same time.

Making gil with Gathering in Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV there will be a crafting feature for you to make your own equipment and items within the game.Crafting in FFXIV needs to go along with gathering.The world of FFXIV is a rich world with plenty to explore and discover.Gathering will be a large part of this exploration process and will grant players the material needed for crafting.There are many crafting tradeskills in the game,multiple crafting tradeskills use items that are obtained by gathering.

ffxiv gathering guide
ffxiv gathering guide

Out in the open world, it will be possible to gather from mining nodes, herb nodes, wood nodes as well as fish from fishing holes. Food items will commonly drop off enemies as well as randomly be found inside intractable objects in the environment such as barrels, baskets, bowls of food and other objects such as bottles. These items can even be looted inside of towns, major quest hubs and inside buildings. Even if an item may not seem immediately useful, it may be an important ingredient in a tradeskill recipe.

Unlike many MMORPGs, you will not need a pickaxe or other set of gathering tools to gather ore, herbs or wood from ore nodes, herb nodes and wood nodes. You will also not need to learn any specific gathering skills. All players know how to gather all objects in the environment by default. Crafting tradeskills are more limite

Fishing in FFXIV will work pretty standard. You will need to fish out of special fishing holes that are found in both freshwater and ocean locations. There are a large variety of different types of fish and you can use bait to vary the types of fish you can catch. Fish is used by Provisioners. Different types of bait can be bought from NPC vendors by spending some ffxiv gil or found in the world as enemy drops or intractable objects. Interacting with butterflies, for example, will give you one type of basic fishing bait.

There are many achievements for gatherers in FFXIV. There are also different rarities for items that you can find while gathering. When mining an ore node, for example, you can find basic ore, basic gems or gems that are rarer and more valuable. Rare cloth items can be found in herb nodes.

The phrase “loot and interact with everything” makes a lot of sense while playing FFXIV. It’s truly a game for those of us who love to explore and discover interesting things within the world of an MMORPG.

How to Get FFXIV GIL

GIL is the main currency in Final Fantasy XIV. It will be used for a variety of items including everything from skill resets and profession good to mounts, vendor equipment and trading goods with other players. There are a variety of ways to obtain gil in the game.

The first way to obtain gil in FFXIV is to earn it while leveling and completing quests.Quests will reward gold.As you complete more quests and subsequently gain level,you will naturally begin to stockpile gold.This process of gathering gil can be a little time consuming,but it is also the easiest way since moneymnaking happens during the course of leveling .You will also pick up random items that can be sold to vendors for gil.

The second way to obtain gil in FFXIV is to sell items to other players.This is one of the secret to be rich in FFXIV.The Final Fantasy XIV will be no exception.While it can be difficult to know what items players desire the most,by keeping a watch on the in game economy,market boards and trade channels,you can learn what may sell well.

As a crafter or gatherer, your goods may be high in demand to other players. As a general rule of thumb, never sell any items that are labeled as crafting items or materials. These items may be of value to someone else even if they are not to you. Crafted items such as weapons, armor and potions can fetch an especially high price if someone really needs the item you are selling.

As players reach high level FFXIV, level cap crafted items such as weapons and armor will be worth a great deal of gil through crafting. This is also the case for consumable items such as potions and food items that grant extra attributes or combat effects. If you plan on leveling quickly, you can take advantage of the hole in the market and earn a great deal of gil by selling your wares in this manner.or u can buy FFXIV powerleveling service on webstores.

High quality weapons you find while leveling your FFXIV class and questing may also be worth decent gil as players are still leveling and need any type of boost they can get .Prices will diminish on leveling items as more and more players reach high level ,but there will always be something of value for selling purposes.