Final Fantasy XIV’s Yoshida issues an apology to players

Final Fantasy XIV’s Early Access period hasn’t been a smooth ride if you’re playing in North America or Europe. The server cluster dedicated to these players has had to undergo several periods of maintenance and unexpected downtime, with several players entirely unable to log in on Sunday. Producer/director Naoki Yoshida took to the official forums to issue a personal apology to players affected by these issues, explaining the problems faced by the team and the steps being taken to correct them.
Don't Worry, We've Got Final Fantasy XIV Covered. Well, Mostly.
Yoshida states that several of the load-related issues are still persisting, so the team is currently placing restrictions on logins to try to relieve some congestion and better identify server failure points. He goes on to apologize to players for any wait experienced and asks for patience as the team strives to deliver the best possible experience for all players. There’s no word on how long these restrictions will be in place or what form they will take, but with the official launch tomorrow, we can only hope that the issues are largely sorted out soon.

We’ve Got Final Fantasy XIV Covered. Well, Mostly.

I was actually rather surprised to learn that folks were having connection issues with the early start of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I downloaded the client on Saturday morning, logged in and played for maybe seven hours or so, woke up Sunday morning and played for another couple of hours, and then returned in the evening to put in another three or four. Never once did I encounter a problem.

It’s odd, really. With regular, non-MMO games, if there’s a problem yo I’ll find it and bitch about it incessantly. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, on the other hand, part for me like the Red Sea in that one book.

Update: Or it could be, as some commenters have pointed out, that I am playing on the Japanese data center instead of the North American one. How did I end up there? I have no clue.

Either way, yes — I am playing Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve actually got it running on a secondary computer now, hooked up to the television hanging on the wall of my office. It’s very, very distracting — even now that I’ve gotten the pants situation under control.

Thousands of Players were affected by Error 3102 try to log in

The cause of the issue is unknown, and presently there is no fix. It came shortly after the announcement of Square Enix breaking the open beta record with over 150,000 players concurrently logged in. The game’s popularity has been no secret, and at this point that just means more unhappy customers.

With beta ending at 2:00AM PST tomorrow morning, myself and others are left wondering if our beta time has come to an end. The withdrawals are already hitting hard.

Ultimately, the open beta was made specifically to stress test the game before its Early Access launch on August 24th. As long as the issue is resolved before release there’s really no merit to complaining. That doesn’t mean Square Enix won’t take heat, though. MMOs are very fragile during release, and all it takes is one disheartening experience for players to log out of the game and never look back. Let’s hope this incident is resolved.

Starting an Arcanist in Final Fantasy XIV

Know your role

The first thing to understand about Arcanist is what you are actually capable of, which is a bit more complex than with some other classes. You’re not a healer, but you do have the option to heal. You’re not pure DPS compared to a Thaumaturge, but you can pump out some damage. No, your greatest strength lies in debuffing, debilitating, and generally swapping roles as necessary — because you can do a lot of stuff.

Core abilities

Ruin iconRuin: The non-elemental Ruin line makes its appearance once again, and astute players will notice right away that it has a ridiculously low attack potency of 80. Compare that to most damage spells starting higher, and you’ll swiftly realize that Ruin is there to fill out the spaces when you’re not using more useful stuff.

Tips for Arcanists

Your priorities on solo fights are pretty simple: pull with Miasma, hit Bio, then hit Ruin while your Carbuncle of choice does its thing. If you or Carby run low on health, bust out Physick. You won’t find many targets that really require Virus, Aetherflow, or Energy Drain while out on your own unless you pull two things by accident. It’s actually pretty easy to juggle two targets at once; wait until one is nearly dead, then let Carby and DoTs finish off the first target while you pull ahead and hopefully continue your EXP chain.

Final Fantasy XIV How to get a Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV – Chocobo Guide 2

Walking throughout Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV can be quite tiring especially if the world is big. Luckily, there are a number of mounts that you can get in the game that will speed up the exploration and one of them is the fan favorite Chocobo.

Getting a Chocobo will require patience as the mount will not be available until you are almost mid level. While you cannot get a Chocobo of your own until later in the game, there are other means available in the game that makes exploration or going from one area to another easy. There is a Teleportation Spell, an aetheryte or you can just rent a Chocobo. Either way will make your journey much easier but of course, getting a Chocobo as a mount is something everyone is looking forward to.

If you have the patience and commitment in getting your own Chocobo mount, here are the requirements:

Final Fantasy XIV – Chocobo

– You are at least level 22
– Join one of the three Grand Companies in Eorzea.
As you progress through the main story of the game, you will come across the three Grand Companies that you can join. To be exact as to when they will be available, you must finish the Ember Trials that lets you defeat the primal Ifrit. As soon as you finish that mission, you will go through a series of quests that will allow you to join one of the three Grand Companies: The Maelstrom of Limsa Lominsa, The Order of the Twin Adder of Gridania, and the Immortal Flames of Ul’dah.