Square Enix Announced New App Final Fantasy XIV Online GO

“Final Fantasy XIV always aims to give players the most immersive experience,” Publisher Square Enix begins his video.

With the implementation of a smartphone app, players are now no longer tied to their home computer to do what they love to do: collect resources.

Players will be notified via their mobile phone about nearby resources and then go there with their smartphone. Arrived players can gather about the app by simply tapping the screen ores or the like.

Players can enhance their experience with Final Fantasy XIV Online GO by purchasing the “Harvest Bar”. According to Square Enix, this is “not a simple plastic stick” but a “very special plastic stick”.

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Final Fantasy XIV Little Ladies’ Day Event Will Return On March 1

Square Enix announced that the Little Ladies’ Day event will return on March 1 for Final Fantasy XIV and will run until March 14.

In this case, it is a musical performance of the group Songbirds. Players can enjoy the songs using emotes to express themselves, even with light sticks.

The event will be in Ul’dah. Players with level 15 or above can chat with Mythril Eye Reporter in the region.

The image below shows the special emotes and exclusive items that can be obtained at the event (Cheer Jump, Cheer Wave and Cheer On, as well as Far Eastern Doll Display and Siren Song Orchestrion Roll).


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Final Fantasy XIV: Square Enix Still Has A 10 Year Plan For The MMORPG

Final Fantasy XIV Producer Naoki Yoshida spoke on the overall future of Final Fantasy XIV. Yoshida talk extensively about the game and the company’s future plans for the massive online RPG. At the same time, Square Enix still has a 10 year plan for the MMORPG, with the next two years already laid out entirely, including the next expansion. Do you know that this game’s main expansion? View more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV

The developer of FFXIV has recently said that he still hopes to bring FFXIV to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X. According to Naoki Yoshida, with Square Enix’s interest in bringing it to other platforms, discussions with each platform’s respective publishers are ongoing and “positive”. Yoshida reiterated this in the interview, he hopes that Sony changes its “policies or mindsets” so that this will be possible. This isn’t the first time that Sony has refused to allow online multiplayer with Xbox One X or Switch.

Naoki Yoshida said: “FFXIV is an MMO, but before that it’s an RPG, and before that it’s a Final Fantasy game.” FFXIV is an MMO, but before that it’s an RPG, and before that it’s a Final Fantasy game.” At the heart of that rests a focus on making the main scenario something that players care about. Square Enix made it known that they were talking to both Nintendo and Microsoft about bringing FInal Fantasy XIV over to their systems.

For a portable MMORPG on the scale of Final Fantasy XIV would be truly wondrous to behold. The developers decide to bring the game on as many platforms as possible, reaching a wider range of players. ” Not just Switch, but also Xbox One, in case there were the assumptions to do so, we would also like to work with other hardware, keeping intact the cross-server capabilities of the game.” Naoki Yoshida said. They also mentioned that the importance of Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling.

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final fantasy xiv

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Released to a number of highly critical reviews in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is Square-Enix’s second MMORPG. The game takes place in the realm of Eorzea. Eorzea currently contains three city states; the prosperous and active trade city of Ul’dah, the forest nation of Gridania and Limsa Lominsa, a marine-like city. Each player will choose one of these locations to begin the game, and is required to join one of their Grand Companies to continue to move the storyline along. These Grand Companies are military units.

Released to a number of highly critical reviews in 2010, Square-Enix vowed to make large-scale corrections to the game that would drastically change the playing style and opinions of current players. These actions included doing away with the game’s controversial “Fatigue System,” graphical changes, and a number of new places, mounts, and non-playable-characters. After these changes were in place, Square-Enix decided to go one step further, lead to the closing of the original Final Fantasy XIV on November 11, 2012, with a planned re-release of the game on August 27, 2013. Gameplay mechanics, graphics and much more have been changed as a direct result of consumer feedback through Square-Enix’s forums.you may attempt for a high quality item each time.


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Final Fantasy new PVP arena

Good day everyone !
Fantastic news ! Suare Enix will release the final fantasy 14 update 2.1 on 17th December.


As we are know the final fantasy series attraced many player all over the world . the 2.1 updating will de bound to more attractive .its adds a raft of new features ,including dungeons,players versus player arwenas and housing .
The Crystal Tower is a new dungeon for up to 24 players . the new PVP arena is called Wolves ‘Den. You can create a house in the three dinstinctive residential districts if each of the city-states, after buying a plot of land .

There’s loads more to the update ,outline in the 10-minute video, below .ff14 is out now on PC and PlayStation3, and lauches on PlayStation4 in April2014. You get a free 30-day trial with a new account , but after that u need to sign up to a £7.69 monthly subscription.

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