New Race Au Ra Preview in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is coming in the spring of 2015. Au Ra is a new race
added in the new version. Today, we preview this race here.

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Similar to FF14 other race, Au Ra is divided into female and male.In terms of the
appearance, they look like the Hyurs race. However, the basic feature is that they
grow a pair of unique curved horns and tails. Their bodies are partially covered in
scaled skin.The biggest difference between male and female is body type. The former
is muscular, high and larger; the latter is slim, delicate and exquisite. For FFXIV
players, you can customize their appearance. You can choose the horn size and shape
and set the scales.

Au Ra is from the eastern continent of Othard. They move fast and agile. You can
choose them to build Tank or DPS classes. For me, I’m fond of this race. Let’s
look forward to their coming.

The Differences in Races in Final Fantasy XIV

Each race in “Final Fantasy XIV” is distinctive. From the Lalafell, the smallest playable race, to the enormous Roegadyn, who are the largest, each race brings different benefits to support your play through the world. Spend some time thinking about the different race and specialization options before you begin play with the ffxiv gil .

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The Elezen are elflike, with long, well-defined, pointed ears. They are separated between the Forester and Shader subraces. Forester Elezen existed for generations in the deep forests of the world, which served to improve their innate sense of sight. In recent years, they have begun moving into larger cities. Shaders have spent generations living in deep caves and establishing their culture there while developing an enhanced sense of hearing. As a result, the Shaders have a long history of strife and anger toward the Forester Elezen.

The Lalafell are physically the smallest of all of the “Final Fantasy XIV” races, standing less than half as tall as most other races. They are divided between the Plainsfolk and the Dunesfolk. Dunesfolk live in the dry desert areas, on the back of large beasts. Plainsfolk Lalafell build small thatched-roofed homes across the prairies. As a race, they are generally very agile and intelligent, exceptional at casting roles or roles that require dexterity.

Consisting of two subgroups, the Midlanders and Highlanders, the Hyur are the closest race to humans available in “Final Fantasy XIV.” The Midlanders are the more cultured and educated Hyur, especially capable with caster specializations. Highlanders are larger and stronger, and originate in the northern highlands. Players who select the Midlander Hyur race can choose to play as either male or female, while Highlander Hyur can be played as males only.

The northerner race, Roegadyn, are physically larger and powerful. They are separated between the Seewolf and Lohengarde subraces. The Lohengarde Roegadyn focus their energy into the magical arts, originating around a large volcanic crater. The Seawolf Roegadyn originate from the northern sea, often working and surviving as sailors.

Miqo’te hold a strong resemblance to cats and are divided by their religious ideals. The Seekers of the Sun Miqo’te are more active during the daylight hours and focus their worship on the god Arzema. The Seekers of the Moon are more nocturnal and worship Manefina. As a race, they are naturally dexterous.

Square Enix cultivate the players ability , Final Fantasy XIV

Holding out for the Tower of Fanatics, really.
I experienced my fair share of the final games MMO experience , even once the player has reached the level cap , it can be surprising to see how little they know their class . In too many occasions players will immediately accuse a less skilled player is garbage, in fact, they just have not been the right education .

We learn from other people ‘s stuff . From our birth until the day we die, we pick up the knowledge of every step of the way . The same can be said , in the MMO game experience of the journey. Where can I find a particular enemy , what is the most suitable for our class project , where farming efficiency , and so on. However, you rarely hear people ask , ” How do I become a tank ? .” I began my journey Eorzea with friends in the online gaming world , there are literally zero experience . He does not understand the basic terms , such as hatred and class abbreviations , he does not know how to play the typical MMO.

I do not think it is conducive to drown his message , so I just let him enjoy the game in their own way . It is not until we met a group to pursue a range of mid- 30 , I noticed how far he came. He can fully tank an instance without losing a single enemy’s hatred, or even give their views before each boss fight. I asked him how to improve so quickly in such a short period of time, the  two largest , he mentioned were the community and Guildhests .Here to supply buy  FFXIV Gil

I’m not surprised , because it is determined by the community ‘s most essential aspects of FFXI , this trend continues , the fourteenth . Although I was surprised that he actually beneficial Guildhests. I use them as a boost experience points to complete the bonus is great, but he mentioned its importance , I found myself unwittingly increase the skills , because I passed Guildhests progress .

People often rush early , pay little attention to objective reality , but they get more difficult as each other within a few seconds to beat five enemies , I noticed people fighting to pay more and more attention , opposition where I saw literally 20 + bomb killed before the completion of the task .

Target borrows elements from the many raid style boss battles and dungeons , the content is ready to lay the leading players . I personally feel that Square Enix company’s credit did not get what they deserve as many people here , just like me , to see them as mere EXP upgrade. They are great tools to introduce new MMO fans and console gamers boss battles to the complex mechanics did not read the tutorial for 30 minutes.

Final Fantasy XIV summarizes the Tokyo Game Show letters

Holding out for the Tower of Fanatics, really.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil has been about a month of playing. Players what we are, many of us have asked how to go the next step of the game, because there are slightly lower than the undeveloped content than before have had. But do not be afraid, producer and director Naoki Yoshida’s official site has been translated letters and highlights briefly on the official website, so we take a closer look at what is the future of housing, PVP, and the new Crystal Tower.

Yoshida said, Crystal Tower, is much easier to access Bahamut coil binding, although it is still high-end content function is (he mentioned the possibility of requirements relic weapon). Housing will launch the free enterprise first, with the team putting closely examine these individual housing strain caused. Players can also look forward to participate in the provision of housing decoration, not just a few, helping to make each person’s contribution to each of the relevant processes. Take a look at all the details full review, although the team’s house remained silent on price

FFXIV world transfer is about to begin

Not happy, your world Final Fantasy XIV?

Community representatives Camate extend a social message: The World Transfer Service “very soon.” Five days before the transfer will be free. Camate article provides a very detailed overview of the requirements and risks, but here is our summary:

Transfer Requirements:

You can not belong to a company for free (if you do, please leave Free Company).
Make sure you want to send characters to be canceled.
Ensure that there are no items being sold on the market board.
GIL can bring the maximum amount will be limited.

Transfer risk:

In very rare cases, you may need to rename your character.
Log in busy you may have time constraints, if the new world of pop.
You may lose Gill, if it is a new world, you try to transfer large amounts.
You may not be able to log in for a few days, and if a free transfer during busy.

While jobs will cover a lot of detail, a more formal announcement forthcoming.

Over 6100 accounts, prohibit cheating Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy Character

It has been hard to miss Final Fantasy XIV recent spam. You can not go into a major city, did not see dozens of people repeatedly call to sell game currency, which led to a lot of people, so that they really kicked into overtime blacklist. But SQUARE-ENIX not ignore this issue, and today we learned that many players are cheating game. If you can really call them “players.”

Game advertising RMT services 6,154 of accounts have been deleted, while another 156 have been removed “illegal activities.” The game has also undergone a maintenance position to help eliminate (unknown) project to use the issue to make a contribution. Whether this will eliminate spam shouting plagued major cities, remains to be seen, but it is definitely worth the hope that it’s always good to see people get what RMT come to

Final Fantasy XIV Global Transfer “is about to begin.”


Square has introduced a little bit of information on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV World shuttle service. Producer Naoki Yoshida said character transfers will be provided free to everyone thanks to the players through the game introduced a variety of problems persist in the end a way of five days.

If you intend to move a character, remember that you can not belong to a free company, you can not have any items sold on the market. After the announcement that the service will “start soon,” Although there are no official date.

Mog Log: Final Fantasy XIV you want to make a living


Final Fantasy XIV has many stories are told, and now I’m back in the mess. Amdapor keeping is an interesting dungeon, for example, as a whole mechanics tomestones is fascinating to me. But it also brought me within spitting distance of some people describe the game, the real drawback is that there is no way to really make money in the endgame. Install your repair bills, you do not get any further money to you, thus opening a leak, never really closed.

Honestly, I think this is interesting, because I did more money, because restart than when I first started. Buy relics precursors, gear, maintenance, and so on.Here to supply buy  FFXIV Gil

Certainly, the game’s economy has some problems, but these problems just from people not familiar with the game handle things like money. Over the past few years have taught us how to make money in the MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, but not back to those ideas. This is a different model here.

MMO crafting system is your favorite?

Landscape in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

I’ve done a lot of crafting gathered at the recent Final Fantasy XIV, and I would ever stop any exaggeration, let’s just say that I like a lot. Especially the production of the usual collection of resources press the button to go walk the dog MMO superior specification, and the gathering also relates to the point where you can not AFK, because you are actively engaged in and make a choice.

Speaking of the best – Evers, though, this will make the daily grind an interesting question. Do not you agree? Therefore, in order to make official, MMO with your favorite drafting and / or collection of mechanics?

Daily Grind: How often take you to judge a network game for you?

Final Fantasy worlds collide as FFXIII's Lightning joins FFXIV

I told a friend about Final Fantasy XIV of the day, my advice, based on his customers pay to give it a spin. Facts have proved that the game is not for him, although I was surprised that he came to that conclusion prior to 10. See, in the early levels of FFXIV just like all the other theme parks MMO, it’s only after you unlock multiclassing, dungeons, and some other features distinguish itself in the beginning of the game.

All that said, I feel the same about the launch of Rift. There is no way, even I can see what kind of games provide one hour of playing time a small part, but one hour is all I can stand.Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical FFXIV Power levelingFFXIV Gil

So, how large readership? How long it takes you to a new MMO judgment?