Better Tips for You to Get FFXIV Gil

In the game FFXIV ,there’s actually a couple of different currencies that the game uses.FFXIV’s main currency has many used to the player and is not just used for straight up trading between players.It has a couple of different applications,such as Auction House trading ,Wayshire/fast trading or even bribing NPCS for quest related information or getting past the guards at a city you want entrance too!

ffxiv tips
ffxiv tips

Crafting is a staple in MMOs and also a staple for FFXIV.The main game currency made from crafting are Armor/Weapon creation but it might be a little hard to a new player to get off the ground.Enchanting us is regards as the a more staple craftsmanship for the ablity to increase your skills and gain useful items btw u can sell the items to other players or sell to NPCs.

The Thieve’s is another popular guide that allows FFXIV players to make a quick buck.If you choose a race that has bonuses to stealth, such as any of the races, it’ll help quite a bit. Unlike other series, you can sell stolen goods to NPC vendors, but you need a special perk. The other option for getting rid of stolen goods is to fence it, but the fence takes a cut. While the Thieve’s Guild is more suited for the class, anyone can do it.

The Crafting & Thieve seems too hard and a long way to go to gain enough ffxiv gil,so what is the easiest way to get enough ffxiv gil ? Well,grinding is the easiest way to make safe ffxiv gil. Simply run up to an enemy,Look for popular rare materials in high demand, kill enemies that drop that item or are near where you can harvest said item. Instanced dungeons are also good for getting key important drops you couldn’t get alone, plus, you get to hang out with other people. In some dungeons, there are harvest-able items as well, so keep your eye out.There will be definitely great surprises waiting for u !Good luck to your guys.

Some experience to level faster and easier in Final Fantasy XIV

When I was a child ,I liked watching TV so much that I always didn’t write my homework.Now I love the game very much.I have some good guide to share with you,hope you can level faster and easier in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV  guide
Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Not only can your friends help you kill tough monsters and complete objectives, but it can also make the game more fun, making grinding out those levels for your third or fourth class that much more enjoyable.Some of the monsters and quests in A Realm Reborn can be incredibly challenging. This is why it can be handy to have some friends nearby to group with.

Food buffs in A Realm Reborn can help you out considerably when leveling. Not only will they provide you with increased stats to help you kill monsters and gain  ffxiv gil quicker and easier, but some will also increase the experience you receive, making you level that much quicker.

You should already know by now that killing monsters will give you experience. However, with the Hunting Log you will receive a large amount of bonus experience for killing a certain amount of a monster. You  will also receive yet even more experience for every section of your Hunting Log you complete. The Hunting Log also resets when you switch classes so you can use it to help you level other classes as well.

You should now have enough skills to help you level quicker and easier in Final Fantasy XIV . It’s a good idea to participate in as many of these as you can while you’re leveling. Happy leveling!

Three Easy Ways to Make FFXIV Gil Quickly

Most FFXIV player often said :How to make ffxiv gil quickly.I would like to say :you would find way if u try your best to do it.No matter you find way by yourself or your friends or player,you will be find it.Here,ffxiv4gil, share our experience with u .Hope you also can share your experience with everyone.Waiting for you.

ffxiv guide
final fantasy xiv gil making guide

First Gathering
You can easily first or mine minerals and sell the masterials that you gather to people who are going to use them.You’d basically be a botanist or a fisherman or miner,and will get all the masterial and sell them to those people who are crafting.They are hoping that they can sell their crafted items for more then they bougt the material from you,so everybody is happy.You’re happy because you sold your masterial and made ffxiv gil.they’re happy because they made a profit,and the third party is happy because they got whatever they wanted.

There are a ton of quests in final fantasy that u can do which will give you ffxiv gil.Normally,throughout the regular progression of the game ,you don’t run out of ffxiv gil and you make enough as you go.You never have to stop what you’re doing and farm gil because it’s built into the game that you will have ebough and get enough .A great way to progressively and passively build gil would be to always keep anything that may be of value and try to sell it or barter it for something better.

You can buy material ,or get them from another class, and make them into useful items that people will buy .You would be a Disciple of the Hand,and you’d be Blacksmith,Weaver,or Alchemist.With materials you’re able to make things that are better-and you’ll be leveling up while you do it too.For the most part,through,the material cost less than what you sell it for ,which means you’ll make a profit.Good luck with all of you!

A good choice when you want to loosen up in the game

You need to relax yourself every few time. Which way do you prefer? Some people will walk in the park ,some people may choose listen to music ,I always play the Final Fantasy XIV to loseen up.

ffxiv guide
ffxiv powerleveling

Playing Final Fantasy makes you derive the unlimited fun and excitement. However if you really experience FFXIV without any mental stress for grinding Gil in the game, you can consider our website . We will try our best to meet your need.

Final Fantasy XIV  introduces a standard leveling process. You need to cross over one level and move to the next one.   If you are successful in finishing the tasks, you can be able to gain the money with your well-equipped character, and you can use your earned gil for purchasing stronger items. You can also gain the skills that are used in trading in the realm of Final Fantasy XIV.

You can also use the other method to gain the power or reach the higher levels of the game is to use ffxiv power leveling from us. It helps you enhance your position or level-up in faster and hassle free manner.

We hope this can make you derive the most enjoyable experience in the game like Final Fantasy XIV.

Playing ffxiv is meaningful or a waste of tim

What do you think of playing the game ffxiv ? Maybe some people think that it is a waste of time ,others don’t agree this view.I enjoy the game ,I also put forward my opinions

cheap ff14 gil
ffxiv powerleveling

To me a lot of the criticisms boil down to “I don’t like the way this isn’t like all the other MMOs out there so it has to be broken and unplayable.” FFXIV is a different style of MMO, much like FFXI was. That’s why I like them over things like WoW and LotRO.

I has played it for a long time and I really like it .Sometimes I use the ffxiv power leveling to save time . The game, on release had issues. A lot of those got fixed pretty fast. Since then the game had been steadily getting better. It is very enjoyable right now .

Here is the thing though. The game is changing significantly over the next several months. I logged back in to find nearly all my spells had changed. I lost a lot of the ones I liked to use and feel that they kinda dumbed down the list. It is moving more to a cross between FFXI and WoW, which is exactly what we don’t want from this game.

Honestly, I can’t in good faith recommend it to anyone right now. It’s a game that if you start today, won’t be the same game come next Fall. However, if you think you like where it’s headed and don’t mind playing though what is essentially a 2nd beta, go ahead and pick it up.

FFXIV ARR Mining Leveling Guide – Locations and Strategies for Fast EXP

Leveling a Discipline of the Land (DoL) class in Final Fantasy XIV is often considered painful, but it does not have to be. I recently decided to level up my Miner (which was only level 6 from legacy) all the way up to 50, and on my way I discovered a number of time-saving tips and tactics that I will be sharing below in order to make ffxiv power leveling up Mining much easier. By applying these tips and techniques, leveling up Mining from 1-50 may even be faster than leveling up a DoW or DoM class from 1-50!

ffxiv tips
ffxiv leveling guide

Below, we will first discuss an overview of the best way to approach 1-50 and then discuss tips and tactics to make leveling faster as you follow through with the plan. Next up, the specific locations of the best mining camps based your current level will be listed in detail.

Quick Note: About Mining Camps and Nodes
Mining “camps” spawn in groups of 4 nodes that all offer similar items as a reward. These 4 nodes persist and are unique to you – you do not have to worry about what other players are doing as they will not be able to mine from the nodes you see on your screen.

Nodes operate on a forced respawn system: only two can be down at a time. If you mine all 4 nodes, the first two you mined will have already respawned. If you mine 3 nodes, one the first one you mined will have respawned. Often the fastest mining route involves cutting the most out of the way node out of your farming circle and instead just focus on the 3 that are closest in proximity. This is particularly true if one of the nodes is around aggressive monsters. Any time you have to stealth you are likely wasting time.

Quick Note #2: How Experience Points are Calculated
When mining, you get a base amount of experience points given the type of item you are trying to mine based on its level and your current level. While you get a slight bonus for mining items above your level and a slight penalty for mining items below your level, it does not become significant until you are many levels above the item you are trying to mine, at which experience points earned will drop by about 50% compared to the previous level.

For each successful mining attempt, you start to get bonus experience points. The first 4 mining attempts do not offer much bonus experience points, but on your 5th (and beyond) successful mining attempt, you get 50% bonus experience points added to the flat total.Additionally, mining a high quality item will give you a 200% bonus to the amount of experience points earned. The perception trait is needed to mine high quality items. This does not stack with your experience points chain or any other bonuses. If the base experience points for mining an item is 300, then you will earn 900 experience points for a High Quality item. You will earn 1050 for Chain #4 and beyond on a high quality item, since the 50% bonus from the chain only applies to the base.

Due to the nature of chains and experience points, you never want to mine items that are more than a level or two above your character, while leveling off of items that are lower then your current level tends to provide more experience as the higher success rate, high quality item rate, and chain rate more than makes up for the minor experience points penalty.Wish u all enjoy yourself in Final Fantasy XIV.

Blacksmith Leveling Guide on FFXIV

Blacksmithing is one of the more painful professions to level in FFXIV, but this leveling guide will make hitting 50 as a Blacksmith much easier. Blacksmith tends to be more expensive than some of the other professions due to the large number of ingredients required to make some of the quest turn-ins.

ffxiv tips
ffxiv guide

While everyone should level up their Blacksmith to at least level 15 for Ingenuity, note that hitting 50 to unlock Ingenuity II is not a necessary cross-class skill. The only reason to level up Blacksmith to 50 is to have access to more melds and to make high-level Blacksmith recipes.Leveling can be made faster by taking advantage of the following 4 features:

Engineering Manual II:The quartermaster for your Grand Company sells Engineering Manuals that offer up to 40,000 bonus experience points over 2 hours. You get 50% bonus experience points on all crafts (but not leves) and it adds up quickly. It is particularly effective for low level players. Once you hit level 30, it starts to lose its charm and is not really worth using anymore.

Food:Food provides 3% bonus experience points. While this is not a lot, food is cheap enough that you might as well keep it active. A little bonus Control will also help you level faster. I like to use Raw Oysters for this purpose; they are cheap, provide some bonus control, and give you the 3% bonus you need.

High Level Mainhand & Offhand:By far most of your crafting stats are provided on the mainhand and offhand, so try to keep these up to date. You do not need to keep replacing your armor every few levels; just a few times during the entire leveling process is plenty. Get a set around level 20, a set around level 30, and a set around level 40. Note that there is a level 40 high quality set available from the Grand Company quartermaster that makes leveling to 50 a breeze.

High Quality Items:Maximizing the quality score during crafting attempts results in increased experience points. Note that turning in high quality items for leves will provide you with extra experience as well. If you are running out of leve allowances, taking advantage of turning in high quality items for leves can help make those limited leve allowances go a bit further.

In my opinion, the fastest way to level any profession in FFXIV is to craft items until you reach level 20 and then switch to repeatable leves. Repeatable leves allow you to turn the required items in up to three times, getting the full quest reward with each turn-in.Leves before level 20 generally are not worth it. While you can turn in regular leve items at 15 and perhaps save a tiny bit of time versus crafting, unless you are leve capped, this is not worth it. You will need the Iron Ingots anyway to make level 20 leve turn-in items. If you are limited on leves, you might want to grind all the way to level 25 or even 30 to help conserve leve allowances.

However this tips can somehow levelup your characters but it may too much your time , if u are tried of doing the endless quest and just want to take your ffxiv gil to enjoy your game .Luckily there are many webstores now offering the ffxiv powerleveling service, u can choose the professional ffxiv4gil powerleveling team to level up your character or do the quest for u .Hope u all enjoy your game !

Four FFXIV Culinarian Leveling Guide

As time presses on Final Fantasy XIV,the Culinarian becomes a more and more appealing profession for making ffxiv gil.While the gear,reagents and materials produced by other professions decline in demand and value over time,there remains a consistent demand for HQ end-game food.As more players find themselves at max level and with expendable income,they turn to Culinarian goods to boost their stats as this is one area they can not max out from dungeon drops!

ffxiv  skill tip
FFXIV guide

In this FFXIV Culinarian leveling guide, you will discover the fastest and cheapest methods for taking your Culinarian to level 50. We will start with leveling tips, move on to repeatable leve locations, and finally discuss grinding options.There are four specific tips you should know for speeding up the leveling process in Final Fantasy 14. These tips apply to any craft.

1.Higher Quality, More Experience
As you are crafting, you will notice that increasing the “quality” measure in your crafts will give you a higher chance to make a high quality item. However, getting a high quality score on items that provide experience will also provide you with bonus experience. This bonus experience can be several times the normal experience offered by completing a craft. As a result, maxing out the quality during your crafting attempts makes leveling any craft much cheaper.

2.Engineering Manual II Makes Low Levels Faster
At your Grand Company’s Quartermaster, you can buy an Engineering Manual II which grants the user up to 40,000 maximum bonus by increasing base experience points earned by 50%. If crafting an item normally brought in 1000 experience points, crafting it with the Engineering Manual II active would make that total 1500 points, with 500 bonus being earned. Since you can earn up to 40,000 off of one manual, you could collect this bonus for up to 80 crafts using this example.

This item does not scale with level, but also has no minimum level. It is incredible when using with a level 1 character, still excellent for levels 11-20, decent from 20-29, then quite poor from levels 30 and beyond. At that point, the bonus often does not even last a full level, making it an inconvenience for its cost rather than a bonus.

3.Use Food
Food provides 3% bonus experience points while active and also can be used to increase crafting stats. Do not spend too much here though as the crafting bonuses are minor. I like to use Raw Oysters just because they seem to be available for next to nothing. If you follow this guide, you will only need a few dozen at most to get all the way from 1-50 as a Culinarian.

4.Primary and Secondary Tools Trump Gear
Finally ,you should know that when u are gearing your Culinarian,your most important items to upgrade regularly are your frying pan and your Culinarian knife.The armor and jewelry slots do not need to be upgraded nearly as much ,say ,once every 10-20 levels.I leveled all of my professions with just two to three gear sets total on the way to 50.You can always buy yourself a set of end-game gear once u hit level 50.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil Farming Guide

Gil is very tight in Final Fantasy XIV. After completing the initial round of quests, there are not many ways for gil to be brought into the game’s economy on a daily basis. Given that crafting is expensive to powerlevel and repair bills really start to add up at level 50, a lot of players have been looking for good ways to make gil.

FFXIV gil guide

We have collected the FFXIV gil guide in order to prvide players with several methods for farming gil as Discipline of War or magic classes.Below ,u will discover 4 great methods for farming gil ranked in accordance of the sucess i had with each particular method .

FFXIV Gil Guide Method #1: Potash and Coke
Location: Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 135k
The Strategy:
Running either Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium for Tomestones of Philosophy is a time-honored tradition for level 50 players who are working on unlocking their Darklight set or Relic weapon. However, did you know that you can trade 125 Tomestones of Philosophy for Potash or Coke, two highly prized crafting ingredients that are used in top level recipes? You can get them from Auriana in Revenant’s Toll (the same vendor that sells Darklight gear).

FFXIV Gil Guide Method #2: Raptor Skins and Sinew
Location: Path between Camp Overlook and the Floating City of Nym (right outside the east exit of Camp Overlook in Outer La Noscea)
Required Level: 35
Gil Per Hour: 55k (at 50)
The Strategy:
Just east of Camp Overlook, there is a relatively short strip of land that contains 10 Velociraptors. While there are only about 10 of them in the entire camp, they respawn very quickly, so even at 50 and with great gear, you never run out of enemies to farm.

he Raptors are particularly good to farm because not only do they drop valuable items with big demand, but they drop these items at an extremely high drop rate. In particular, in this location we will be farming Raptor Skins and Raptor Sinew. Raptors can drop up to 3 Raptor Skins at a time as well as a single piece of sinew.

FFXIV Gil Guide Method #3: Snurble Tufts
Location: Burning Wall (East of Camp Drybone and Highbridge)
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 12k
The Strategy:
Golden Fleece (the golden karakul that spawn in the Burning Wall) drop Snurble Tufts at a decent drop rate. While the drop rate is not great, it is not bad either, and there are more than enough Golden Fleece to go around. I was able to find 9 snurble tufts in 15 minutes, and at 350 gil a piece at the time, this worked out to 12,600 gil per hour. It ended up being no where near the amount of gil offered by running dungeons and farming raptors

FFXIV Gil Guide Method #4: Water Crystals
Location: Urth’s Fount (Southeast of Quarrymill in Gridania)
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 8.8k
The Strategy:
Water Elementals spawn thickly with no other enemies around deep in Urth’s Fount .My theory was that perhaps crystal drop rate would be high enough on these condensed enemies to make farming them worthwhile.

While farming elementals worked in FFXI.Crystal are just too easy to get via gathering in FFXIV unless the amount of Crystal offered by mining or botany significantly drops.The most effective method for u to making gil is to find your own gil making method.

The Differences in Races in Final Fantasy XIV

Each race in “Final Fantasy XIV” is distinctive. From the Lalafell, the smallest playable race, to the enormous Roegadyn, who are the largest, each race brings different benefits to support your play through the world. Spend some time thinking about the different race and specialization options before you begin play with the ffxiv gil .

ffxiv news
ffxiv guide

The Elezen are elflike, with long, well-defined, pointed ears. They are separated between the Forester and Shader subraces. Forester Elezen existed for generations in the deep forests of the world, which served to improve their innate sense of sight. In recent years, they have begun moving into larger cities. Shaders have spent generations living in deep caves and establishing their culture there while developing an enhanced sense of hearing. As a result, the Shaders have a long history of strife and anger toward the Forester Elezen.

The Lalafell are physically the smallest of all of the “Final Fantasy XIV” races, standing less than half as tall as most other races. They are divided between the Plainsfolk and the Dunesfolk. Dunesfolk live in the dry desert areas, on the back of large beasts. Plainsfolk Lalafell build small thatched-roofed homes across the prairies. As a race, they are generally very agile and intelligent, exceptional at casting roles or roles that require dexterity.

Consisting of two subgroups, the Midlanders and Highlanders, the Hyur are the closest race to humans available in “Final Fantasy XIV.” The Midlanders are the more cultured and educated Hyur, especially capable with caster specializations. Highlanders are larger and stronger, and originate in the northern highlands. Players who select the Midlander Hyur race can choose to play as either male or female, while Highlander Hyur can be played as males only.

The northerner race, Roegadyn, are physically larger and powerful. They are separated between the Seewolf and Lohengarde subraces. The Lohengarde Roegadyn focus their energy into the magical arts, originating around a large volcanic crater. The Seawolf Roegadyn originate from the northern sea, often working and surviving as sailors.

Miqo’te hold a strong resemblance to cats and are divided by their religious ideals. The Seekers of the Sun Miqo’te are more active during the daylight hours and focus their worship on the god Arzema. The Seekers of the Moon are more nocturnal and worship Manefina. As a race, they are naturally dexterous.